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Three Tools I Use for Clear Breathing

I’m so glad I have tools to regain clear breathing in my home and for my children. My daughter spent the night at a relative’s house a week and a half ago and came home not feeling or breathing well. It’s been going through our family and caused more problems in my baby and toddler. I am still getting over it myself.

Tool #1-Essential Oils. I’ve been rubbing an essential oil immune blend called On Guard, diluted with carrier oil, on their chests and necks (and I drink this in herbal tea too). This includes oils of orange, eucalyptus, rosemary, clove and cinnamon. I also used a respiratory essential oil blend called Breathe on their feet, which cuts gunk and helps them and me breathe much easier. It includes laurel leaf, peppermint, eucalyptus radiata, melaleuca, lemon, ravensara, and cardamom. I’ve also been drinking lemon essential oil in my water, which is gently cleansing and clearing. My reference guide suggests essential oils of thyme, marjoram and sandalwood, (diluted) so I’m rubbing my baby down with those too.

Tool #2-Elderberry syrup. I was giving my kids elderberry syrup every few hours to keep things at bay. Today I’ve been taking and administering elderberry syrup with yarrow and peppermint EVERY HOUR to my kids and myself to get rid of residual problems.


Tool #3-Humidifier. I pulled out my warm mist humidifier and ran it in my baby’s room with some respiratory essential oils in it. Last night I wished I had an extra one to run in my own room. I think I’m going to go get my diffuser out right now!

I’m so glad to have these tools that make our lives easier! When breastfeeding a baby, it’s good to do these remedies yourself because they will go through the breast milk and strengthen the baby.

When our kids sound awful and are really having trouble breathing, we wrap them in a blanket and take them outside into the cold air. This immediately helps them breathe easier as the cold air goes into the respiratory tract.

Kid-e-Well-200x300Other great tools include Dr. Christophers Kid-E-Well, echinacea, and other herbal formulas for immune support.

To your home wellness empowerment!

  1. jason says:

    Where can i get the oils list above and the glycerine in ur video?

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