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My first dream with dōTERRA was to have my healthcare tools completely paid for. Would this benefit your family as well?

What would make the biggest impact for you right now...good health, financial freedom, time freedom, or being able to do what you love, and changing the world for the better?

If you want to build your own dreams, improve yourself, have more time to spend with family and friends traveling and doing service to help others, then you are in the right place!

Your dream is possible

I love the business because it enables me to be a stay at home mom and help bring in some income for our family. Through dōTERRA I have found more of my confidence and I take comfort in knowing we're all one big team. I get to enrich the lives of others and empower them to make their own choices by choosing a more natural approach to their health. I worked with another company for 4 years and I did not have, in that entire length of time, the amount of success I’ve had with dōTERRA in just the past 3 months!
I'm so glad I found such an amazing company to build a business with.

—Brittany C.

"Doing dōTERRA as a business was a different experience from what we were used to." 
Persistence and perseverance have proved to be critical in their success. In the early stages of their dōTERRA business, they made many personal sacrifices to stay on the Loyalty Rewards Program. They knew this would keep their momentum strong and pay off in the future. The empowerment that dōTERRA has offered them is well worth any sacrifice they made in the beginning. Nicole explains, “We feel empowered and that is our message to others. We lived on a busy street and it wasn’t safe for our children to play outside. We worried about the mortgage payment and our grocery bill. We cried and worried through countless hospital visits with our children. We know what it is like to feel helpless. dōTERRA takes that feeling and turns in into empowerment.

—Nicole & Danny L.

doTERRA has been such a big influence in my life. I chose to share, because it was easy to share my love of these spectacular essential oils, especially since I knew they have a CPTG standard of purity and potency. I'm a bit shy and have some social anxiety, but our with our team challenges and the support of my uplines and teammates, I have definitely grown socially! It’s becoming easier and easier to speak in front of people. I absolutely love that this business encourages teamwork and is so supportive in every way.  

—Amanda Baker

Too many of us have felt helpless when it comes to some health issues, or making income from home. Say NO to helplessness, and join a team and company that can provide you with powerful healthcare tools and wealth for sharing them!

I love empowering women with health & Wealth!

take the next step

Have you heard the story of the guy who hauls buckets of water to his village to earn money? If he hauls more buckets, he earns more. One day he decides to build a pipe, spends time each day, until one day he doesn't need to haul buckets anymore.

Are you hauling buckets for someone else? It's time to take your freedom back and build something that will provide recurring income for your life!

I LOVE sharing natural tools that empower families with better health and financial resources by sharing essential oils and natural solutions with others... 

Join forces with me to bring hope and happiness to people, provide for your family, and change the world for the better! 

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dōTERRA has changed our lives so much for the better! The products, business and company culture have helped us be better, stronger and more generous people. We have learned the meaning of servant leadership.

We are passionate about empowering women and families all over the world to be more educated, have better health and provide financially for their families.

If this resonates with you, then join us!

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I love working with Jenni! I've watched and learned as she works towards helping others better their lives with dōTERRA! It's amazing to see someone who feels so passionately about what they do.
Because of Jenni, I have been able to see and experience how life changing dōTERRA can really be!

  —Chelsea D.

Jenni helps me have more trust and confidence in natural tools. She is a kind and understanding person, who is more than a mentor.

She puts love, service, and generosity into the things she does. I've learned a lot from her, about becoming a better mom, a wellness advocate and a person who is ready to serve people.
—Monica B.

From our first chat, it was very clear to me that working with Jenni was different. She wanted to know exactly where we were at and the biggest challenges we were experiencing at the time in order to find me the best solutions and plan possible. She had taken so much time understanding me. What truly makes the service so personal is the ongoing support Jenni provides. Jenni is stunningly beautiful inside and out. I am in tears and so grateful that I found her and am proud to work with her!

—Gelly A.

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We offer free weekly online basic essential oil education, along with a continuing education program of 8 classes, which upon completion and enrollment on our team, will earn you a free diffuser and certificate.
Hook up with our free group on Facebook to see new information and videos each week on how to enjoy awesome health and use essential oils for wellness.
We even do fun giveaways, and you might just learn something new everyday!

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