Have you been spending too much money at the doctor’s and not getting the results you want? Are you feeling un-well more often than you can stand it?


What if you could keep your home clean and your family healthy without relying on strange manufactured chemicals?
With essential oils, you can!


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Starting a New School
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I’m starting a new school in Pakistan! I always thought it would be cool to do something like that, but I didn’t realize I would get the opportunity so soon. If you follow me much, you know that I’m involved in a service organization called “Days For Girls,” which creates and distributes reusable menstrual hygiene…

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NEW Yoga Collection (3 Blends: Arise, Align and Anchor)
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Yoga Collection with 3 5ml blends Arise, Align and Anchor will be available October 2nd to purchase from doTERRA. We have Anchor for starting your practice and your grounding routine, setting your intention. We have Align, which is for centering and accepting yourself and your body. And then Arise which is going out with intention and…

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