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Join us and learn what makes essential oils pure and effective for health and wellness. Learn why most essential oils on the market are NOT good for you, and can actually cause you to get more health problems.

Discover how dōTERRA is revolutionizing the way essential oils are sourced and how that makes them the purest oils on the market. Make a list of your health issues, and we will help you find solutions to try! This WILL change your life! 

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I am so inspired by Jenni.  She always offers such timely advice on her blog. It is hard to make a switch to using herbs and oils, but with Jenni's help it seems easier. Thanks Jenni! For all your hard work to help families everywhere!

—Nicholeen Peck

The day I met Jenni Wilson was a blessing, indeed. After many years of traditional treatments, I questioned why I had little improvement. After meeting and consulting with Jenni, I found her expertise inspiring. I was anxious to start Jenni’s specifically suggested program and health products. Today, I can honestly state that I am healthier and happier both physically and mentally because of these AMAZING products! I feel my health was actually saved! There are few words to express how thankful I am – thank you Jenni!

—Carol L.

Jenni is very conscientious and adept at providing home health remedies that she has implemented herself to assure their viability in order to recommend them to others.

—Teresa Coombs

It is possible to reclaim our health! If you've been feeling helpless and/or hopeless about feeling good, you're in the right place! These natural solutions can help!

Essential Oils are the most powerful tools for Health

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Join our 10 class series about using natural solutions and essential oils for vitality, longevity, healthy pain management, kids, pets, emotional wellness, healthy weight lifestyle, non-toxic cleaning, digestive and respiratory health, organic skincare, Aromatouch for body balance, and more!

We also offer 5 classes on how to get your healthcare paid for through doTERRA products, and how to supplement or replace your income if you desire. And our group members will receive a free diffuser upon completion!

Continuing education

Jenni is so knowledgeable in the field of natural health and nutrition. She has studied extensively and truly lives what she teaches. We always call Jenni when there's a health issue we can't solve. If she doesn't have the answer right away she always researches it and finds out. 

—Shalynn W.

Jenni is a genius for natural healing and a wealth of information and knowledge of pure therapeutic oils.

—Vickie F.

I enjoy Jenni's approach to natural and healthy living and love all the information on her blog. I have been using the products she offers with great result and appreciate all of Jenni's knowledge about oils, herbs, etc. Anyone will love working with her; she is trustworthy, reliable, and a joy to work with.

—Dagmar Bleasdale

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We offer free weekly online basic essential oil education, along with a continuing education program of 8 classes, which upon completion and enrollment on our team, will earn you a free diffuser and certificate.
Hook up with our free group on Facebook to see new information and videos each week on how to enjoy awesome health and use essential oils for wellness.
We even do fun giveaways, and you might just learn something new everyday!

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