I used to feel helpless about my health. I was constantly taking meds, which weren't solving my health issues.

Now I teach women and families to care for themselves using powerful, natural tools that really work!

My goal is to empower every woman with knowledge and confidence to support her family in health and wellness.

confidence in health

My journey

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I am a master herbalist married to an ER doctor, and we have 7 children. So we've had lots of experience using natural solutions, along with convention ones in our home, and knowing how to balance the two.

I'm an author of an Amazon bestseller entitled, "Trust Your Intuition: 25 Natural Confessions From Influential Women who Choose Natural Solutions For Their Families.” I run 2 charities, and I've helped hundreds of people with their health and happiness!

I would love to help you too. Just click below and let's chat! 


Jenni is a master herbalist. She is so smart and is the best mom. She is so very devoted to helping her family and her friends be as healthy as they can be. Her husband Mike is a doctor and together they make the best team. They are also the kindest people I know. You should really read her blog and see all she is doing.

Corinne R.

Jenni always has lots of great tips for me and has provided me with so much information for treating health issues in safe and natural ways at home.

—Krissa J.

Fun is a priority for me and my family, and that spills into the work and education I do. Whether I'm speaking, consulting, teaching or running giveaways on our facebook group...we have a good time!

You might want to think twice about joining my tribe, because you may just smile, laugh and enjoy yourself.

I've been successful using natural solutions and doing doTERRA as a business, and you can be too!

Family & team fun!

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We offer free weekly online basic essential oil education, along with a continuing education program of 8 classes, which upon completion and enrollment on our team, will earn you a free diffuser and certificate.
Hook up with our free group on Facebook to see new information and videos each week on how to enjoy awesome health and use essential oils for wellness.
We even do fun giveaways, and you might just learn something new everyday!

Public Education

EBook Recipes for How to Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer Spray or Gel Even If You Don't Have Alcohol!

DIY Hand Sanitizer

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