Jib Jab Videos

Our Hilarious, Musical JibJab Videos
800 547 Jenni

I thought I’d share some of the cutest JibJab videos of our family that I’ve made over the years. JibJab is a service that enables you to put your photos…

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Our Christmas Jib Jab Videos
564 344 Jenni

We love any excuse to pull out Jib Jab and make some videos, and Christmas happens to be the best one! Here are a few that have kept my family…

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My Halloween Jib-Jab Videos
800 449 Jenni

Here are some fun halloween videos that the kids and I did! Jib-Jab always provides lots of laughter in our house. Hope you enjoy! This video features Raquel reading which…

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StoryBots: Educational Kid Candy…So Fun!
636 361 Jenni

You know I’m a sucker for anything educational, that’s really fun. Well, I’ve discovered a really great tool for my kids… A website that offers free videos about the alphabet,…

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