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StoryBots: Educational Kid Candy…So Fun!

You know I’m a sucker for anything educational, that’s really fun. Well, I’ve discovered a really great tool for my kids… A website that offers free videos about the alphabet, and other fun musicals starring my own children!

The great news is that most of it is free! It was created by the Spiridellis brothers, co-creator’s of JibJab, one of my favorite companies (I say this with a disclaimer that some of Jibjab’s content is inappropriate for families, but I have found so much fun there, that I do affiliate with them!).

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StoryBots are a cast of fun, colorful, interactive robots. Their products include the StoryBots ABC Jamboree, Starring You Storybooks, interactive and customizable videos, printable activity sheets, and even a free StoryBots Beep & Boop App that makes learning good behavior fun and desirable. When my kids do something good, I hit a button on the app, which results in a happy beeping sound that they love, or an opposite sound which makes them think about their behavior instead of reacting negatively to me.

Beep Bop

StoryBots mission is to make learning fun for kids, and easy for parents, and they do it well. They echo my own educational philosophies when they say,  “We believe that in order for us to have any educational impact, we first need to entertain. Once a child is having fun, they are open to (and capable of) learning anything. Some of our products have educational elements, like the ABC Jamboree and Beep & Boop, while others, like Starring You, are all about fun.”

The ABC Jamboree is a collection of 26, one-minute videos that features each letter of the alphabet. Currently, they have almost all the letters done. Each video features the kids’ favorite cast of bots, while helping kids learn what the letters look and sound like using colorful graphics and catchy songs. Each of the songs can be downloaded for free to put on your portable devices… perfect for on-the-go moms to play to their kids anywhere they go.

Starring You Videos and Storybooks enables parents to create custom, animated clips and eBooks featuring their children. The child’s name and face are included in the storyline, making it interactive and fun. The videos are free to make online, and the storybooks come in a form of an app for the iPad. This free app comes with one free book, with additional books coming in at $3.99 a book each month. Here’s one I did that I LOVE!

Even more books are available for only $1.99 each after that. You can see more fun ones on my YouTube Channel.

The company hopes to expand their products even more online , and I can’t wait to see what they create next!

My family has loved seeing their faces on these cute videos and being a part of the stories. I hope you will be able to share them with your kids as well to make learning fun and interactive!

Check it out!
Storybots YouTube Channel
Facebook Parent Forum

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