Diamond in the Ear

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Some parents brought their 2 year old daughter in one night about 10 PM. She had a foreign object in her ear. It was a piece of tempered glass. She told her parents that she had “put the diamond in her ear to keep it safe.”

Can you believe it?

One of their neighbors had tried to get it out, unsuccessfully. When Mike saw her, the ear was bleeding a little. He tried to get the glass out, but couldn’t. When he was done trying, the ear was bleeding even more and he was worried that it had punctured the ear drum.

He told them it would have to be removed by an ear, nose & throat specialist with her under sedation. The dad had a $5000 deductible on his insurance. Mike told him it would definitely be more then that for the surgery.

Ouch! I don’t know of any other way around this kind of problem.

The story reminded me of when I was a little girl. We had a large atrium window in our house. Here’s a picture of me with the location of that atrium behind me.


One day my dad was on the roof hammering the rain gutter and shattered the whole thing. It didn’t fall out right away, though. We had enough time to put blankets underneath. Then the whole thing fell and there were millions of pieces.

I thought the pieces looked like diamonds too. I secretly collected a few and hid them in a little suitcase I had.  I can still visualize the moment I was walking outside with that suitcase and grabbed a few of the glass pieces. I held them in my hand for a few minutes and when I looked down, my hand was full of blood! The cuts were minor and I didn’t even feel them at first, but it sure scared me! I still remember that moment in time, and I can relate to this little girl!

Moral of the story: Diamonds are not always a girl’s best friend.

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