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Holiday Hacks Recipes & Blends

My own sister, Emil Whitney, is one of the presenters for the January 2018!
She’s awesome!

The January webinar will be posted on doTERRA’s website. To see all past classes on doTERRA, CLICK HERE!

Natural Tools For Survivors Webinar
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Thursday, June 15th @ 10am MST (9am PST, 11am EST) my friend Julie Jordan and I will be doing a webinar on Natural Tools For Survivors! We will discuss our own experience with battling cancer from personal to our children.
We will cover tools to help get through chemotherapy, for immune support, prevention tips, along with cell and DNA support. ?

I’ve had melanoma skin cancer, and I was determined to find the best prevention possible. Well, I’ve got a pretty good regime now, and I’ve learned a ton after losing my daughter to brain cancer. There were some things I learned too late to help her, but we are willing to share our experiences.

So if you or anyone you know wants to get more information and tips on strong survival, please join us!


Say Goodbye To Household Chemicals: Cleaning With Essential Oils Webinar
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Tired of exposing yourself and family (pets even) to toxic chemicals? Now you have a choice. Essential oils are awesome for cleaning! And since they enhance mood too, they can make cleaning a more happy time! Find out the best ways to use essential oils for cleaning, and which ones are best for the tough jobs 🙂

Webinar closed. Stay tuned for the next one!


7 Fatigue Fighting, Stress Busting EOs
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Are you sick of feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and stressed? Would you like to be more happy, connected and empowered? Learn about 7 amazing essential oils and blends that will change your life!

Discover how emotions are processed throughout the body, and how they affect our systems. See how essential oils can support your body both physically and emotionally.

Get my FREE gift, which is a handout and chart to show you which oils to use for moment to moment support, depending on your current feelings and energy level.

Watch the recording below





doTERRA An Amazing Business Model
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I’m excited to announce 2 upcoming meetings about the awesomeness of doTERRA’s business model!!
The first is this Wed, Feb 15th at 11 AM MST, (10 AM PST, 1 PM EST) and the second is next Tue evening, Feb 21st at 6 PM MST (5 PM PST, 8 PM EST). Here are the registration links in order!

Here is the link to first meeting I did on the 15th.  Don’t forget to register for the meeting on the 21st!

Registration for Feb 21st:


30 Day Cleanse Group on Facebook
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Ready to lose weight, shed toxins and feel terrific? Join our 30 Day Cleanse group on Facebook!


I did a free webinar about the cleanse, and here’s the replay!

30 Day Cleanse with doTERRA Intro Video Link

Here’s the Cleanse & Restore Kit that contains all the products needed for the 30 Day Cleanse:


doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack®, Zendocrine® Softgels, Zendocrine ComplexDigestZen TerraZyme®, GX Assist®, PB Assist®+, DDR Prime®SoftgelsLemon essential oil, Wellness Advocate Introductory Packet

Just CLICK HERE to order this at the best price!

You can also send me a request on Facebook or this site (CLICK HERE) to be added to the closed group.

doTERRA Christmas Party/Class on Facebook!
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doterra oils-on-tree-Hey everyone, I’m hosting a fun holiday party/class on Facebook this wednesday evening, December 14th at 6-7 PM MST (5-6 PST, 8-9 EST).

We will be swapping recipes, doing some giveaways, and talking about the benefits of using essential oils around the holidays.

If you have a Facebook account, Join us by CLICKING HERE.passion-lotion

I will also be giving away one of my favorite doTERRA Holiday products, the doTERRA Spa Passion Lotion. If you comment on a few posts from the beginning of the class through the end, then you will be entered!





Free Webinar: 5 Critical Factors You Must Know Before Choosing a Home Business
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5 Critical Factors Before Choosing a Home BusinessJoin my live webinar, Wednesday, December 7 at 6 PM MST (5 PM PST, 8 PM EST), to discover the 5 Critical Factors You Must Know Before Choosing a Home Business so you can enjoy more freedom with your time, family and income. The recording will be available for 2 days, if you can’t be on live!

Home Business: Woman on phone and computer

Learn how thousands of others have supplemented their income in their downtime, obtained more freedom with their time, and all while being home and available for their children or family. Avoid wasting money and time trying to find a trustworthy company to partner with. Learn my 5 Critical Factors, by registering now!


brittany-family-photoMy friend, Brittany says, “I love my home business because it enables me to be a stay-at-home and help bring in some income for our family. Through doTERRA I have found more of my confidence, and I take comfort in knowing we’re all one big team. I get to enrich the lives of others and empower tjem to make their own choices by choosing a more natural approach to their health. I’m so glad I found such an amazing company to build a business with!”

5 Critical Factors You Must Know Before Choosing a Home Business

Are you okay with NOT having enough money to cover your bills, being away from your children in order to work a job, or not having control over your schedule and life? If not, then come learn about a system and opportunity that’s growing insanely fast, which can change your income and life!

Healthy Mom Summit

Come join this healthy mom summit and learn how you can achieve more energy, a more balanced mood and expert tips on how to get and stay healthy…no more surviving each day, it’s time to THRIVE!


They will have two interviews a day, you will be able to watch them that day for free, or you can buy the recordings. I did an interview with Hannah and it will be featured on November 14th!


Due to popular demand, the summit recordings will be on sale! You can purchase all 21 interviews!

This way you’ll be able to download them and listen to them at your leisure.

After you register for the summit, on the thank you page you will see the option to purchase the recordings

>>>>I Need This Bundle!

Free Essential Oil 101 Class
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Wondering what all the fuss over essential oils is about? Watch my free webinar and learn how essential oils are produced and 14808120_10208871078066750_2098666130_ohow to use essential oils in your home. Hear from my experiences using oils on 7 children, and how I choose my oils!

Jill of Jill’s Home Remedies was my hostess for this webinar!

Essential Oils 101-Natural Oil Mom from Jenni Wilson

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