Natural Tools For Survivors Webinar

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Thursday, June 15th @ 10am MST (9am PST, 11am EST) my friend Julie Jordan and I will be doing a webinar on Natural Tools For Survivors! We will discuss our own experience with battling cancer from personal to our children.

We will cover tools to help get through chemotherapy, for immune support, prevention tips, along with cell and DNA support.

I’ve had melanoma skin cancer, and I was determined to find the best prevention possible. Well, I’ve got a pretty good regime now, and I’ve learned a ton after losing my daughter to brain cancer. There were some things I learned too late to help her, but we are willing to share our experiences.

So if you or anyone you know wants to get more information and tips on strong survival, please join us!


Enjoy this Natural Oil Mom blog. Share the word how essential oils work! :)

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