How Immortelle Strengthened My Eye Sight!

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A while back I read that using Immortelle around your eyes could help your eyesight. So I decided to give it a try. In July (2013) I had my eyes examined. My reading prescription was the worst it has been in the last 10 years and looking back at my previous prescriptions, it was getting bad fast. I had been using Immortelle essential oil blend on my face a few times a week but decided to step it up and be more consistent to give this personal challenge a better chance. So I used Immortelle on my face twice a day, morning and evening after washing my face. I used it sparingly as directed, didn’t put it too close to my eyes but also focused on a few dark spots on my check. I used a little more then one 10 ml roller bottle during that year period.

July of 2014 I noticed that my reading contact was not right and that I was due for an eye exam. I’m so glad to say that my prescription did change, from +1.75 to +1.25! I asked my doctor why or how this happens. I honestly don’t think he gave me a direct answer other then “it happens more often then you think”, but he couldn’t give me an example of how often. He also said it does happen and that your diet can affect your eyesight. I do also take dōTERRA’s Life Long Vitality pack daily (dōTERRA’s supplements). When I went to fill my prescription I asked how often they come across someone’s prescription that has improved instead of getting worse. She said she couldn’t recall the last time that has happened.

I have also received comments on how my skin looks more often. Initially that’s what I was going for but the improved eyesight is a bonus, a very big bonus! My eyesight and skin aren’t perfect but I’m so grateful that I have dōTERRA essential oils for me and my family.

Teresa Rizzo is a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and has been using essential oils for 8 years.  She enjoys living in San Diego with her husband and son where she teaches a lifestyle with the benefits of essential oils!

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