My Halloween Jib-Jab Videos

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Here are some fun halloween videos that the kids and I did! Jib-Jab always provides lots of laughter in our house. Hope you enjoy!

This video features Raquel reading which makes it even sweeter. I love putting my kids’ faces into these fun stories. I like this one because the robot is naughty at first, then Isaac makes him good. They fix everything that got wrecked. Very entertaining for the kids!

This is so catchy that my kids want to watch this over and over. My daughters are a little more alluring in this than I would prefer, but is has become one of our favorites.

We love fun stuff that makes us laugh and keeps this holiday light! This video stars Isaac as the mad scientist, Seth as Frankenstein, Joel as the werewolf, Raquel, and Nathan as Dracula. All in good fun!

I have to post this in honor of my sister being in a play this Halloween of the Adams family. This is pretty funny!

One more just for fun! It’s probably not the most inspiring song, but pretty darn cute.

Click here to see my newest Funky Ghost Video.

Most of these have my daughter Raquel and provide wonderful memories and fun for our family. Make your own Jib Jab videos on their website for fun for your family! *Disclaimer, some things aren’t kid appropriate, so make sure you check it out beforehand!

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