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Our Christmas Jib Jab Videos

We love any excuse to pull out Jib Jab and make some videos, and Christmas happens to be the best one! Here are a few that have kept my family laughing through the holiday.

This is “pretty much the best Christmas Story ever!” We love this personalized rendition of our favorite classic, A Christmas Carol!

Hold on to your chair because this is hysterical! We love anything with a Latin twist. This one even features Mike & I (along with Isaac, Raquel and Nathan).

Try not to drool while you watch this! My kids love this one because of all the sweets. Show this one to YOUR kids. It’s so cute! They’ll love it too!

Christmas on the wild side! I created this last year in honor of Nathan becoming a finalist in a contest offered by the Gibson guitar company for a $5000 electric guitar. He composed his OWN SONG and made a video. You can read the full story.

I’ve always loved a good snowball fight! These elves remind me of the rambunctious boys (AND girls) that live in my own home. Watch out Santa!

These are the cutest elves ever! Come on…admit it 🙂

This is just too cute! My kids are always so excited for Santa to come, and these JibJab videos make it even more fun and exciting!

This hysterical JibJab is from “The Christmas Story.” Starring Mike & I, Isaac, Seth and Joel.

Here’s another that makes us giggle. Five kids dancing some daring disco in Christmas garb. Too funny! Starring Joel, Lily, Seth, Isaac & Raquel.

The Macareindeer! The kids sure get a kick out of this one. Jib Jabs really just never gets old!

Elf Fun Factory! Another fun video that will make you laugh 🙂

Another great hit!

Isn’t this one darling?

Ok, to end the post, I’ll put my personal favorite! I love it!

If you haven’t made your own Jib Jab for your family, I highly suggest doing so! We adore these videos and the kids always beg me to turn them on. Happy Holidays!

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