Our Hilarious, Musical JibJab Videos

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I thought I’d share some of the cutest JibJab videos of our family that I’ve made over the years. JibJab is a service that enables you to put your photos into pre-made videos. These are absolutely hysterical. JibJab is very fun, but please be advised that some of the content on their website is inappropriate for kids. These are some of their best, and are family appropriate. 🙂

Because I’m Happy, Starring Raquel and Siblings. I made this one a couple months before she passed away, and she loved it!

Family Baseball starring Mike, and some of our boys.

This one features our 3 middle boys, the youngest before he could walk!

Hee Haw! Square Dancing with the Kids.

Here’s a couple videos I created for Valentine’s Day. I made this one last year, but I was too shy to post it. Well here you can see us in all our awesome, loving glory!

Another hilarious one, and slightly embarrassing…

Isn’t my Mike handsome! The video’s pretty cute too!

This is so funny!  What’s most disappointing is this is so close to truth.

Happy St. Patricks Day featuring Nathan!

This one has a sign at the beginning that says “Green Beer” for St. Patrick’s Day, and also a mug of mysterious, goldish liquid at the end, which you can be sure is apple juice.

Happy Easter from my kids! We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ more than focusing on this silly stuff, just so you know. But it’s still fun!

I loved making this one of myself for Mother’s Day! Drill Sergeant Mom starring me, Jenni!

But this on is my kids’ favorite 🙂

Yes, I had my share of days like this!

Here’s a Father’s Day one I made for Mike, featuring Isaac.

This made us laugh hysterically! Mike’s brother is a karate instructor and we were all taking karate when we made this for Mike for Father’s Day. He got a big “kick” out if it 🙂

This one from July 4th is slightly irreverent, but I couldn’t resist. (Mike and Nathan both study and love our founding fathers.)

Raquel’s the one who edited the pictures in this one years ago, of her and Isaac.

Another cute one Raquel and Nathan made after we watched Singin’ In the Rain. I even bought some tap shoes to take lessons with the kids after that.

My kids love Halloween, no matter how much I try to tone it down. But this is really fun! Raquel stars in all of these.

I wasn’t sure about this Halloween one when I made it, but the more I’ve watched it, the more I enjoy it. My kids love it.

Another fun one for Halloween.

Here’s one I just did for our anniversary, of Mike & I dancing together. I wish we could swing like this in real life!

Here’s a great one I made for old time’s sake, for my parents from their wedding picture. They’re so cute!

I have lots of JibJab Christmas videos too! To see those, CLICK HERE.

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