Sandi’s Lawrence Welk Videos (My Mom!)

Lawrence Welk Videos of Sandi Griffiths, My Mother
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These are some Lawrence Welk videos of Sandi & Sally, from mom’s first years on the Welk show. To see videos of her later on the show, singing with Gail, Mary Lou and others, CLICK HERE.

This was 1968 right after my mom (the redhead) and Sally joined the show.

Hilarious! A fun song I heard a lot growing up.

Pretty cheesy ending! Get a load of those pants suits!

A classic with Hoopie.

Another song from 1968 before my mom married her “Someone,” who would be my dad, Brent.

This is a fun medley from early on.

This is my son, Nathan’s favorite. The quality on some of these isn’t the greatest, but what a treasure to have these to show to my kids!

My mother sang this to us kids often when we were young.

Hilarious Easter episode! Mike likes to ask my mom how much extra Welk had to pay her to do this number.

A 1969 rendition of an international hit tune.

Oh this one’s a doozy! Too funny!

I’m pretty sure my mother was pregnant with me here. She had several children while on the show, and the costume designers tried hard to disguise the situation. The quality of this clip is just okay, but in a couple shots, she is so beautiful! Maybe I gave her extra glow.

From a show in 1970. That is the year I was born.

A quartet of Sandi, Salli, Gail & Ralna in 1971.

My sisters and I sing this with my mom when we get together. It was a favorite of both my Grandpas.

Another from ’71 that she has performed in recent years on the road.

I like this kind of patriotism.

An inspiring song from 1972.

A catchy Gershwin song.

Here’s a song sung by the show’s country singer, Clay Heart, joined by Sandi & Salli with an intro of “Jesus Loves the Little Children.”

Here we get to see exactly how to “Put On A Happy Face.”

This is 1973, and it’s the last time Sandi & Sally sang together before Sally left the show.

Click HERE to see more videos of Sandi on the Lawrence Welk show.

Here’s a JibJab Video I made of my parents, Sandi and Brent, with some old photos for their 40th wedding anniversary.

Lawrence Welk Videos of Sandi, Gail and MaryLou
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Here are some fun Lawrence Welk videos of when my mom, Sandi Griffiths, was singing on the show with Gail and MaryLou. Good times!

My mother liked this song so much that she sang it on her album, “Counting My Blessings.”

Fun Easter song with my mother in a group. Good old Hoopie! We loved him!

I just had to post this song from ’72- it cracks me up! Half way through Ken Delo’s song his chaps start to fall down! The whole group is laughing their heads off. Ken forgets his lines and makes up his own! In those days they didn’t stop tape to redo the number. They just kept the camera rolling. My mom’s in the back, if you can spot her.

I guess this is one of the first ones the did after officially forming the trio.

One of our Disney favorites, “We Are Siamese.”

From 1973. I don’t know if they actually went in the blimp.

A bit of dancing in this one.

Another from 1973, “Too Young” by mom and the girls.

One of my favorites. We used to sing this song all the time in our family. From 1974. By the way, lavender is my mother’s favorite color. “Que Sera, Sera,” whatever will be, will be…

This is 1974, and after all the times I’ve heard this song, I didn’t realize how pessimistic it is. Great harmonies & fun ending though! “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again.”

Love this fun song! “Bye, Bye Love.”

It’s 1975 and mom’s singing with Gail, Tanya and Anacani.

One of our family favorites, “Honeycomb.”

This is a pretty one. I can’t believe how long her hair was! “Dream.”

Fun to see mom dance with Lawrence in this one from 1977 called “Begin The Beguine.”

Another one from 1977, “Walking in the Sunshine.”

Except for the audio being slightly off, this is a great one, also from 1977.”

My kids get a kick out of this, and I love the lyrics! Swingin’ On A Star.

1978 version of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. Check out those bell-bottoms!

It’s 1978 and it’s always a wild card to have a live animal in a live show, but they pulled it off well (except for a lick).

“You Light Up My Life”

From 1978, here’s the Curt Ramsey Quintet featuring Curt, Dick Dale, Sandi Griffiths, Charlie Parlato and Gail Farrell on the Lawrence Welk Show singing “I’ll Never Smile Again”

Another from 1978, “Red, Red Robin.

A LOUD, 1979 rendition of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. Pretty silly!

Here they were trying to hide another of my mom’s pregnancies. “I Love A Piano.”

So funny! Tiptoe Through The Tulips.

A number mom did with Ken Delo in later years. He wrote the song entitled “Oh To Be A Child Again.”

Several songs from a 2001 Welk reunion in Branson.

Click here to see the videos of Sandi & Sally.