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Lawrence Welk Videos of Sandi, Gail and MaryLou

Here are some fun Lawrence Welk videos of when my mom, Sandi Griffiths, was singing on the show with Gail and MaryLou. Good times!

“A,” You’re Adorable

1973, with Ken Delo.

Too Young

I love this one from 1973, as mom is singing some solo parts. All the women are so beautiful.

We Are Siamese

One of our Disney favorites! From the Tribute to Walt Disney show in 1973.

Send A Little Love My Way

A bit of dancing in this one from 1973. Salute to Henry Mancini.

I Love Paris

1973 – My mother sings solo in this beautiful group number with Tanya, Anacani, Norma, Ralna, Gail, and Mary Lou.

Never Ending Song of Love

With Arthur Duncan and Henry Questa

I’ll Never Fall
in Love Again

This is 1974, and after all the times I’ve heard this song, I didn’t realize how pessimistic it is. Great harmonies & fun ending though!

Chanson D’ Amour

This is 1974, and mom is singing some solo here.

Bye, Bye Love

Love this fun song! From 1974, also features Cissy, and the guys.


Give a Little Lovin’

1974 – In pink. I just found this one!


Ride ‘Em Cowboy

With Clay Hart and Gail, 1975

Toot Toot, Tootsie

1975 – With Larry Hooper. So fun!

Can’t Help Singing

1975 – In pink with Ralna and Anaconi. Tribute to Jerome Kern.


1975 – In light blue, with the guys and Anacani. Another tribute to Jerome Kern.

Baubles, Bangles & Beads


Scarlett Ribbons

1975 – Another with Sandi singing solo, including Ralna, Anacani, Cissy and Tanya.

In A Mountain Greenery

1975 – With Arthur Duncan.


One of our family favorites. We used to have this song in our jukebox.


This is a pretty one. I can’t believe how long her hair was!

Swingin’ On A Star

My kids get a kick out of this, and I love the lyrics!

Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree

1976 – I think they wore these green and white dresses a few times!

There’s a Long, Long Trail

1976 – With Tom Netherton from the Bicentennial celebration of 200 years of American music.

Cuanto Le Gusta

1977 – My mom sang this at home all the time. It’s ingrained in my memory. 💖

Get Happy

1977 – This was part of a salute to “Song and Dance Men.”

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

1978 version. Check out those bell-bottoms!

I’ll Never Smile Again

From 1978, here’s the Curt Ramsey Quintet featuring Curt, Dick Dale, Sandi Griffiths, Charlie Parlato and Gail Farrell .

Red, Red Robin

Another from 1978, with Hoopie.

I Love A Piano

1978 – Salute to Irving Berlin.

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

A LOUD, 1979 rendition. Pretty silly!


Accentuate The Positive

They are so cute in pink, with Ken Delo as the teacher.

Together, Wherever We Go

1977 – Sandi Griffiths, Gail Farrell & Mary Lou Metzger introduce themselves.

Tiptoe Through The Tulips

1979 – So funny!

Baubles, Bangles & Beads

1980 – Another rendition, but in red. ❤️

Click here to see the Lawrence Welk Videos of Sandi & Sally.

  1. Debbie Marinaro says:

    Jenni, I stumbled onto this as I was looking for the clip of TOP OF THE WORLD from the blimp. I have a precious memory of playing the LONG, LONG, TRAIL for my demented, elderly grandmother. I was just out of high school, and for several years I religiously taped LWS on Saturday evening with my cassette recorder in front of the TV, BEFORE going out on any social activity. I played it for my grandma when I would visit. On the day I played this LWS show my grandma joined in on the LONG, LONG. TRAIL. That was 45 years ago. It warms my heart today!

    • Jenni says:

      Yes, good memories. What a wonderful story, Debbie! That was a sweet service you did for your grandmother. I’m sure she loved you so much for that!

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