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Lawrence Welk Videos of Sandi Griffiths, My Mother

These are some Lawrence Welk videos of Sandi & Sally, from mom’s first years on the Welk show. To see videos of her later on the show, singing with Gail, Mary Lou and others, click HERE

Zip-A-Dee-Do Dah

This was the FIRST performance by Sandi and Sally on the Welk show! My mom is Sandi, the redhead. ❤️ 1968

So Nice

Another song from 1968 before my mom married her “someone,” who would be my dad, Brent.

Put on A Happy Face

1968 – Someone recorded this off their black and white television. 😅

Hawaiian War Chant

This was 1968, also right after my mom and Sally joined the show.

I’m Gunna Sit Right Down
and Write Myself a Letter

1968 – They sang this song, along with other favorites, several times over the years. It was a good stand-by, that they sang many times on the road.

Do You Know the Way
to San Jose?

Hilarious! A fun song I heard a lot growing up.

Gonna Get Along Without You Now

Group number, the video isn’t great, but the audio is, and you can see each person when they zoom in.

My Guy

Pretty cheesy ending! Get a load of those pants suits!


A classic with Hoopie.

There’s Something about
a Hometown Band

1968– with Sally, Arthur, Cissy, Bobby, Natalie, Jimmy, Steve, Larry, Tanya, Joe, Andra

Do You Know the Way
to San Jose?

Version 2, gotta dig those late 60’s early 70’s styles!

Walking in the Sunshine

1968 Version. They also sang this song a few times on the show.

My North Dakota Home


Cohan Medley
I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy

This is a fun medley!

Make Em Laugh!

This is so funny! It was my favorite as a kid!


They had a fan going for this, and it was different to have a breeze going on stage. Mom had a leaf stuck in her hair at one point. 1968-ish

Keep a Little Sunshine in Your Heart

1968 with Larry Hooper. This was one of my favorites growing up.

Make it To the Moon Tonight

A 1969 fun song, and they even got to ride scooters!

This Land is Your Land

A 1969 group patriotic number

Chanson D’ Amour

A 1969 rendition of an international hit tune.

I’d Rather Be Blue

This was about when my mother decided to start growing her hair out. She said it was fun to work with the umbrellas and some choreographing.

Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

I asked my mother about this one, and she said she liked it because they didn’t make her wear a funny cone hat. 😆

If He Would Care
From Album

This is an audio from mom’s album that was actually dated 1966.

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Hilarious Easter Episode! My husband Mike likes to ask my mom how much extra money Welk had to pay her to do this number. 😆

Let’s Make America
What It Used to Be

From a 1970 episode of The Lawrence Welk Show. ‘Thank You America.” I love this kind of patriotism.

Tumbling Tumbleweeds

My grandpa on my father’s side was a real cowboy. He loved this song! I sang this song with my mother and sister, Ami, to him a few months before he died. I remember the tears rolling down his cheeks. I still perform this song with my mother and sisters periodically. It’s a favorite! 💕

It’s a Most Unusual Day

A quartet of Sandi, Sally, Gail & Ralna in 1971.

I Never Promised You
A Rose Garden

Sandi and Sally Performing in 1971

Sleep Kentucky Babe


“A” You’re Adorable

Here’s Sandi & Sally teaching the alphabet to fellow music maker Charlie Paralto, from 1971.

Button Up Your Overcoat

1971 – Group with both Sally, Gail and Marylou. Love the message of this song!

Hi Ho, Hi Ho


Pearly Shells

Always a good one! With Sally & Clay Hart

Sentimental Journey

Sandi and Sally Performing in 1972.

Everything is Beautiful

Clay Hart, with Sandi and Sally, Intro of Jesus Loves Little Children, 1972.

Chanson D’ Amour
Later Version

A 1972 rendition.

On the Atchison, Topeka
and the Santa Fe

1972 – One of my mom’s favorites!

Never Ending Song of Love

1972, December 3, with Henry Cuesta.

Twinkle, Twinkle
Little Star

Sandi on the 1972 Christmas show with ME when I was only 2 years old!

A funny note about this video, my mother had taught me this long song called the Christmas Alphabet, and I was all ready to sing it. At the last minute, they told her they wanted us to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, but as you’ll see, I was still prepared to sing the other one. 😆


Sandi singing Solo ❤️

Do Do Do

A catchy Gershwin song.

 Put On A Happy Face – Later Version

Here we get to see exactly how to “Put On A Happy Face.” So cute!

We Can Fly

1972 – This was a fun song, my mom enjoyed performing.

On The Boardwalk
in Atlantic City

1972 – This was a unique group number with both Sally AND Gail and Marylou…along with my mother and others.

I’m An Old Cowhand

I just had to post this song from ’72- it cracks me up! Half way through Ken Delo’s song his chaps start to fall down! The whole group is laughing their heads off. Ken forgets his lines and makes up his own! In those days they didn’t stop tape to redo the number. They just kept the camera rolling. My mom’s in the back, if you can spot her.

Walking In The Sunshine

This is 1973, and it’s the last time Sandi & Sally sang together before Sally left the show.

And I Love You So

Sandi Griffiths singing solo (from the 1974 episode, “Number One Songs of the 1970s”)

Goody Goody

This is from the 2001 wrap around show.

Click HERE to see more videos of Sandi on the Lawrence Welk show.

  1. Irene Biffar says:

    Thank you so much for sharing ! These videos bring back great memories!

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