Lawrence Welk Videos of Sandi Griffiths, My Mother

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These are some Lawrence Welk videos of Sandi & Sally, from mom’s first years on the Welk show. To see videos of her later on the show, singing with Gail, Mary Lou and others, CLICK HERE.

This was 1968 right after my mom (the redhead) and Sally joined the show.

Hilarious! A fun song I heard a lot growing up.

Pretty cheesy ending! Get a load of those pants suits!

A classic with Hoopie.

Another song from 1968 before my mom married her “Someone,” who would be my dad, Brent.

This is a fun medley from early on.

This is my son, Nathan’s favorite. The quality on some of these isn’t the greatest, but what a treasure to have these to show to my kids!

My mother sang this to us kids often when we were young.

Hilarious Easter episode! Mike likes to ask my mom how much extra Welk had to pay her to do this number.

A 1969 rendition of an international hit tune.

Oh this one’s a doozy! Too funny!

I’m pretty sure my mother was pregnant with me here. She had several children while on the show, and the costume designers tried hard to disguise the situation. The quality of this clip is just okay, but in a couple shots, she is so beautiful! Maybe I gave her extra glow.

From a show in 1970. That is the year I was born.

A quartet of Sandi, Salli, Gail & Ralna in 1971.

My sisters and I sing this with my mom when we get together. It was a favorite of both my Grandpas.

Another from ’71 that she has performed in recent years on the road.

I like this kind of patriotism.

An inspiring song from 1972.

A catchy Gershwin song.

Here’s a song sung by the show’s country singer, Clay Heart, joined by Sandi & Salli with an intro of “Jesus Loves the Little Children.”

Here we get to see exactly how to “Put On A Happy Face.”

This is 1973, and it’s the last time Sandi & Sally sang together before Sally left the show.

Click HERE to see more videos of Sandi on the Lawrence Welk show.

Here’s a JibJab Video I made of my parents, Sandi and Brent, with some old photos for their 40th wedding anniversary.

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