Banana Chocolate Bites

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I am excited to share this recipe for banana chocolate bites!  Amy is my good friend and fellow essential oil user.  She ventures into new rooms for using the oils in the kitchen.  I’m excited to try the recipe myself since we love chocolate, especially dark chocolate!

I am always on the look-out for a nutritious snack that my girls and I will enjoy. I stumbled upon the idea of frozen chocolate covered bananas a few years ago when I was going through an elimination protocol. These were yummy treats I could have! We were really into it for a while but got away from it for whatever reason. I brought it back this year, but with a twist.

I absolutely LOVE the smell of Sweet Fennel essential oil! It’s the one essential oil that I always feel I want to eat it when I smell it! I’ve been trying to figure out a great way to use it in food. Then I remembered the chocolate covered bananas we used to make. So I simply added a few drops Sweet Fennel to the chocolate mixture and it made it taste amazing! It’s not black licorice, but it sure is the next best thing in my opinion. And so much more nutritious.

I’ve been learning about minerals and how important they are for our body and it’s functions. Bananas have tons of potassium as we all know, but they also have a good hit of magnesium and manganese. Unsweetened chocolate also has a great amount of magnesium along with copper, manganese, and iron.

So indulge your sweet cravings and enjoy a nutritious snack that will leave your mouth and your body satisfied!

Banana Chocolate Bites


4 medium bananas

1 c. chocolate chips (I use Enjoy Life brand)

1 tbsp. coconut oil

Essential oil flavors of your choice

Pecan halves (optional)

Maple syrup or stevia drops (optional)


Slice bananas into rounds and set aside.

Put chocolate chips and coconut oil in a small glass bowl. Place this bowl in shallow water in a larger saucepan. On stove bring water to a simmer on medium heat. Reduce to a very low heat and stir chocolate chips and coconut oil until completely melted. Remove from heat. Alternately, you could microwave the mixture instead, being careful not to over heat the chocolate or else it will harden. We are used to less sugar, so add maple syrup or liquid stevia drops to taste if you prefer more sweetness.


I then divided my melted chocolate mixture into three separate bowls to try out different essential oil flavors. Start with one drop essential oil into the chocolate mixture, taste, and add additional drops until it is to your liking. Stronger essential oils like Peppermint or Sweet Fennel will require less drops than milder flavors like Grapefruit. Maybe even mix two or more essential oils together for a unique flavor!

Drop banana slices into the warm chocolate mixture, using a fork to stir it around and get it evenly coated. Lift the slice out and place on a parchment paper lined baking pan. Repeat with remaining banana slices until the chocolate mixture is all used up. Press pecan halves in top of banana slices if you want a little something extra.


Cool in fridge until chocolate is set. Peel off parchment paper and store in air-tight container in fridge or freezer.

Additional Notes:

If you prefer less chocolate then just drizzle your banana slices with the chocolate.

My daughter created a “special treat” for us one night and this inspired me to  use pecan halves on the Banana Chocolate Bites.


I used “Enjoy Life” dark chocolate, regular size morsels for this batch. I think I prefer the taste of the Enjoy Life semi-sweet chocolate mini chips. It allowed for the essential oils flavor to come through better.

Our preferred flavors were the Sweet Fennel and Wild Orange. We also tried Grapefruit, Lemon-Lime, Wild Orange-Lemon, and Peppermint. No matter the flavor…they all got eaten!

EstesFamily2-300x180Amy lives in Oklahoma with her husband of 12
years. Has 6 & 4 year old girls, one of whom is
a type 1 diabetic. She loves Jesus, reading,
watching movies, homeschooling, and learning
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