Results of Conquering my Clutter!

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Last summer I started working on organizing my cluttered house. It had been overly cluttered after 10 years at least of a regular yard selling addiction, or better yard shopping!

It had gotten to the point where stuff was crammed into every closet and corner it seemed like, and I felt like it was all starting to cave in on me.

I had a little help from an amazing women who calls her self the “Project Queen”, you can check out her Facebook page.

Getting organized and eliminating all the clutter has changed our lives!! *Less stress
*More time for the important things (instead of spending an hour looking for something)
*More money (we are not double purchasing things we thought were out or gone due to not being able to see or find them)
*Less arguing (usually from kids not being able to find their stuff)
*Healthier (from less stress, being able to find and throw out things that go bad and easier to clean)

I would highly recommend conquering the clutter in your life. It is truly a weight lifted of your shoulders in so many ways. To help you conquer this massive task check out my post on “Conquer your Clutter” bundle deal with 38 tools and supplies to help you and don’t forget to go to the “Project Queen” Facebook page for her miracle working skills and ideas 🙂

If you want help cleaning and organizing your house, buy “Conquer your Clutter” click here.

It’s a GREAT investment!

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