The Best Way to Get High Quality Essential Oils & Products

The Best Way to Get High Quality Essential Oils

Okay, so you see that essential oils can be powerful to support, cleanse and nourish your body, relieving minor problems, creating vitality and maintaining optimal health. Yay!

And you are also serious about purchasing the highest quality essential oils on planet Earth. Bravo!

If you’re anything like me, you want to be sure to get the most value for your dollars, right? 

Then doTERRA is the brand for you!

Here are Many Ways to Purchase doTERRA EOs

? OKAY: Just buy retail. It’s easy (but expensive).

? AMAZON: You can’t trust what you get there, because the sellers are not authorized by doTERRA. The products may be old, tainted, oxidized by heat or light, and many of the products you find, will not actually be 100% pure.

? BETTER: Get wholesale prices (25% off everything, plus additional sales and promotions) from doTERRA with a $35 membership, or get the membership free when you enroll with an enrollment kit. 

? BEST: Get the enrollment kit and membership with someone you trust. You will quickly discover that you use up some oils faster than others and develop favorites. Replenish these and try new products on the Loyalty Rewards program. Over time, this is the BEST way to go, because you can get up to 30% back in points, which is the equivalent of getting everything about or over half off! It’s well worth ordering something each month, and doTERRA will reimburse your shipping. It makes a world of difference!

Would you like to consult with me personally about available kits and current promotions from doTERRA? Just click on the contact me form, and I will be in touch with you soon!

Recipe For Success with Essential Oils

Step #1 – Select a kit so you have more than one oil or product to draw upon when needs arise.
Step #2 – Decide which products and oils you want to use repeatedly and share with friends. Order these items through a rewards program to earn free product credits. 

Step #3 – Contact me through my website so I can help you by email or over the phone. I will be happy to help you however I can and hook you into all the deals I know about. 
Step #4 – Get some reference materials. You can easily look things up and learn all about using oils. 

A large reference book is a MUST-HAVE for using essential oils. Good books usually have a science and usage section, a section on all the individual oils and blends, and a reference section to look up all types of health issues and see which oils will help. I order these in bulk to give or lend out to people who are just starting their journey with essential oils (tell me if you want one).

I LOVE mini reference books too! They contain condensed reference info, like the big ones, without the sections on the single oils, the blends and the oil inspired nutritional supplements.

Now you are ready to look at enrollment kits. These are starter kits that give you the membership for FREE, along with a discount for starting with a package.


If you are serious about hooking up with doTERRA oils, you can email to jenni at localhost/nom for more information! Or go to my contact form.

Change your health and change your life today!!!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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