Toilet Paper in the Ears: An ER Story

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TP in ears

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Here’s a funny story Mike told me a while ago.

A guy came into the ER who had been vacationing in Las Vegas with his extended family. There were a bunch of kids there and they were making lots of noise. He was trying to take a nap, so he rolled up toilet paper and stuck it in his ears. When he woke up, he couldn’t get the TP out of his ears, so he decided to go to the ER.

When he got there, he said his wife had tried for 45 minutes to get the TP out of his ears with tweezers.

Mike picked up some tweezers, walked over to the guy and immediately pulled the paper out. The guy said, “Boy, that was fast.”

Mike wanted to tell him, “That will be $150 please.” But he didn’t. That is the average cost of a visit to the ER, however.

Moral of the Story: Keep trying to solve your problem yourself if possible, before going to the doctor!

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