Essential Oils For Physical Fatigue & Exhaustion

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I had quite an adventure this past week! I signed up to do a booth for essential oils at an integrative medicine conference in New York. I wanted to take as many essential oils, books, products and literature as I could to hand out at the conference, so my three bags were each 50 pounds. So traveling to get there in the first place, tired me out! I admit, I should be in better physical shape. I do some yoga and a little exercise here and there, but I’ve been traveling so much and on the computer that it hasn’t really been a focus for me.

IMG_3968.JPGOn this trip, it became apparent that I need to build up my stamina with exercise. Luckily, my good friend Mauri came with me and she’s a marathon runner. So she was able to help out with the luggage a lot. We were able to borrow a table and chairs from my friend in New York, so we didn’t At Booth with Mauri & Teresa - Version 2have to shell out $500 to rent them at the show. We got everything set up for the show, and then the people came. We were on our feet for hours and hours talking and sharing the oils with doctors, nurses, nutritionalists, acupuncturist, and pharmacists to name a few.

It was awesome to talk to so many people that were interested in integrative and natural medicine alternatives! But at the end of the day, we still had a couple classes to teach. We had to pack up our gear and go to another location in a taxi for the class and by the time we were done, we were absolutely exhausted!

IMG_3973.JPGEach night I rubbed some oils on my back and feet and dropped into bed. I used deep blue, balance and frankincense the first couple nights. We had a little rest on Sunday but had to take the subway that night to return the table and chairs.

The next day we marked our maps and walked all over New York City to businesses sharing the oils. We did take a taxi a couple times but by dinner I felt like I was ready to drop dead. My feet were tired and hurting and I couldn’t go any farther. I saw The entrance to the spa and decided to go in and get a foot rub. I showed them my oils and ask them to put some on my feet. I chose the deep muscle blend and my massage blend. Our feet were actually swollen from water retention and all the walking. When I took off my socks I had deep indentations in my leg. I knew I needed help!

They massaged my legs very well and applied the oils and I soaked in hot water. By the time I was done, I felt like a new woman! I was able to walk to my class and teach with the help of my partners. When we were done, we took a taxi cab back to our hotel and I had to pack up all my stuff, which took until about midnight. I was planning on waking up at five in the morning to catch a flight to Denver.

IMG_3956.JPGI was utterly and completely exhausted. Bone tired. So tired, I didn’t know if I would be able to function the next day. Luckily, my other partner who was with me, Teresa, was able to do a short essential oil application for me. She applied several different essential oils to my back and feet before I dropped off to sleep. I prayed it would be enough to keep me going the next day.

IMG_1894In the morning, I felt pretty good considering the lack of sleep and how tired I have been. I got to the plane and slept and felt great when I woke up. I spent the day traveling around Denver, Boulder and some cities northward sharing essential oils with businesses. That night I was very tired again. I pulled out one of my reference books and looked up “fatigue.” What it recommended was a calming blend, which contains lavender, marjoram, Roman chamomile, ylang ylang, and Hawaiian Sandalwood oils.

Two bottles of aroma oils and lavender flowers on wooden background

I happily grabbed it from my oil case and slathered it on the bottoms of my feet, on my neck and down my spine. It helped my mind, eyes and body to relax and prepare for a deep, restful sleep.

When I woke up again, I felt good and had the energy to hit up some more businesses in Denver before flying home from my trip.

It’s hard to describe the power essential oils possess to help re-energize and renew the body, especially from intense fatigue. I am so grateful for such potent tools of natural healing that bless me everyday!

Home at last in Cedar with my kiddies!

Home at last in Cedar with my kiddies!IMG_6117


  • Tracy S.

    Thank you for writing such an inspiring and helpful post! I am new to your blog, and have been studying essential oils for several months. I have a rare nerve disorder and minor Cerebral Palsy, plus two young children. I’ve undergone two surgeries in the past seven months, plus countless procedures, and take many medications for pain. I’m constantly in pain and exhausted. I cannot afford high quality essentials oils, though I know they are wonderful as my family and I just barely get by most months on my disability.
    Ultimately, as I said thanks for writing this and giving my the knowledge, which I already felt I was learning that I can cut out many of these nasty, toxic medications from my life, and have already begun doing so to the surprise of my doctors, instead replacing them with essential oils. I still hurt constantly and I’m always tired but my last surgery was less than a month ago so I have faith as I learn more and heal I will continue to improve with the use of essential oils.
    I really like your blog. I’m looking forward to reading many more helpful articles. I know this didn’t apply exactly to the situation I’m in, yet I found it very helpful, nevertheless.

    Thanks so much!
    Tracy S.

    • jenni

      Wow, Tracy! It sounds like you have some very tough challenges. Kudos to you for having the courage to make some hard, but positive changes in your life! I would encourage you to write your story, as it may benefit you in the future to do that. Record the changes you make and how you feel different after each one. Some health changes are not costly. I myself started sharing high quality essential oils just so I could have the products pay for themselves for our family healthcare. You can do the same thing. The company I work with is helping many people heal physically, emotionally, spiritually and even financially. We can help you if you want to try. Good luck in your journey of health and wellness. I hope my information will help you somehow!

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