The Power of Music for Healing

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Music is a powerful tool for healing. It has the ability to lift us out of sadness and discouragement. The power of music for healing has helped me and my daughter Raquel, who is fighting a terminal illness. I want to share some or our favorite, special music with you.

We are musical family. I come from one. We have tried hard to instill a love of music in our children. I think we’ve done a pretty good job. We sing and play some instruments. So it didn’t take me long after Raquel’s crisis a couple weeks ago to use music to stimulate her mind, and cheer us up.

Power of Music for Healing: Taylor SwiftShe loves Taylor Swift, so I have pre-ordered her new album which is coming out next month. Raquel has requested to listen to her music many times already. I told Mike I wanted to buy her a new ipod, because her screen is totally cracked. I haven’t gotten around to that yet or even charged her old one to play music off of it. I’ve just been using what I have on my computer, which is Taylor’s album called Red. I like Taylor’s music. It gives me energy 🙂

We have a new favorite album though, someone else. It’s called Anchor, by Mindy Gledhill. I listened to the songs on a couple of her albums that I bought and I think I like this one best. It’s fun, happy music that has lifted our spirits. And one of her songs makes me think of Raquel every time I hear it. It’s called “All About Your Heart.

Power of Music For Healing: Anchor-Mindy Gledhill

It was introduced to us by our dear friend, Emily Gardner. Emily worked for me several years ago, just a few hours a week, helping around the house. We grew to love her. So when she told me she had a few months free last year, I begged her to come stay with us again and help me. She did and four months was not long enough. We enjoyed having her so much, and she made many happy memories with Raquel.

Emily has come to visit us several times recently in the hospital. She brought her friend Chelsea to serenade us. Here is a clip of a cute song they composed of themselves.

Music is a good emotional release for me too. Songs make me cry all the time, but I almost always feel better afterward. Like the song “If You Believe” in the movie we watched last week, Prince of Egypt. Here are the lyrics, which I could relate to for the most part:

There can be miracles when you believe.
Though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill.
Who knows what miracles you can achieve
When you believe.
Somehow you will,
You will when you believe.
In this time of fear,
When prayer so often proved in vain,
Hope seemed like the summer birds
too swiftly flown away.
But now I’m standing here
With heart so full I can’t explain
Seeking faith and speaking words I never thought I’d say.

I volunteered to sing a song in the hospital church service, and had several days to review my music and decide what to sing. I had more tearful moments as I listened to the sweet lyrics, which is really not unusual, as I used to get teary eyed over this music (Janice Kapp Perry & Lynne Perry Christofferson) all the time before too. I was somewhat relieved when they called to tell me they wouldn’t need me to sing, as it was fast Sunday and they wanted time for testimonies. The meeting is only 30 minutes here anyway. But I was glad I had reviewed the music, and was uplifted by it. Here are the two songs I practiced singing last night (I have recorded these previously for fun and inspiration):

Be Of Good Cheer: Sung by Jenni Wilson, Written by Lynne Perry Christofferson

Be of Good Cheer

Beyond What I Can See: Sung by Jenni Wilson, Written by Lynne Perry Christofferson

Beyond What I Can See

Jenni in studioYou can find more of Jenni’s free recordings HERE.

I was touched by the music as I watched the Women’s General Broadcast for our church last night. Raquel was even able to attend church with me today (yay!), and we enjoyed the music there. I also found a recording of one of my favorite hymns that reminds me of Raquel, called “Dearest Children, God is Near You (you have to click on it).”

Thanks for following my journey with Raquel, my thoughts and her triumphs. I hope to have many more. xoxo

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