How To Show Love to Someone Sick

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I am utterly amazed at the love shown by Raquel’s friends, our family and many people we don’t even know, who have reached out to give love and support as she is fighting a terminal illness. I have learned so much about ways to show love to someone┬ásick, just by watching what people have done for my daughter. I was so touched when I learned that her friends were fasting and praying for her, even before we had the original diagnosis. They have been steadfast friends, who have continued to pray, fast, visit and do special acts of service to show their love. And what they just made for her will blow you away as it did me (I’ll get to it at the end).

Friends Visiting in July

Friends Visiting Raquel in July

When my husband came back to the hospital this week, he came bearing a large pile of cards and a very special book. Have you seen those books that you record your voice reading it? Some of Raquel’s friends got together and recorded their voices reading this for her, along with funny quotes and messages of love. She loved it!

Book for RaquelThe young primary children in our church ward made cards for Raquel, and they were so sweet!

Cards for Raquel2I loved this one!

Cards for RaquelWe have been the recipients of so many acts of service, prayers of course, fasting, meals for our family, housecleaning, tending my children, gifts, fundraisers, hugs, singing to Raquel (over the phone even!). I could go on and on. It makes it easy to feel loved. It has made it easier to see God’s hand in our lives, and all the little blessings and tender mercies.

Our dear friend painted Raquel’s room for us. Most of the walls are covered now, with posters, notes and banners with well-wishes for her.

 JR Painting Raquels RoomMy “Visiting Teaching” friends came and helped me clean my house one night when I really needed it. The young women of our church are planning to come plant flower bulbs in our yard later this month.

Visiting Teachers Terri and sisterThe Cedar City Children’s Musical Theater and Cedar City High School (and my own sister) all did fundraisers for Raquel, just out of their sweet desires to help.

Washing for Raquel CHSThe Cedar High School Track team came to visit, as Raquel had been on the team, and they put her name on their shirts this year.

Showing love: Running for Raquel T-shirtPeople have run marathons and dedicated sport games to her. They’ve done so many things to help her know she is loved. And this is what blew me away and brought me to tears today, made by the kids at Cedar High School.

Showing love doesn’t have to be a huge deal. It can be as simple as smiling at someone you don’t know. That has lifted my spirits on more than one occasion. It can be a comment on Facebook. Cards and gifts are awesome, but just showing up to help or hug is important too.

Showing Love: Chloe reading to RaquelI’m not going to allow myself to be too shy to reach out to others in the future. Life is too short.

Showing Love: Friends VisitingThanks to you all who have helped and just loved us, our kids and especially Raquel. xoxo

  • Marie

    I learned about Raquel from Nancy Eddo on a yahoo welk group she is great and very caring. As a member of the church I have been praying. I am grateful the church has been there for you. Visiting teachers can be very good support in bad times. Glad you have good support from your ward. Raquel is very blessed to have you as a mother.

  • Jenn

    This is absolutely beautiful, and exactly what the Body of Christ should be!!!!
    I hope you don’t mind, but I put a bit of it on my post from yesterday, since it fits so much with what I was talking about!
    God bless you. Raquel and your family will be in my prayers. <3

  • mike

    god gave us the tools to heal ourselves on this planet.the church used to a special plant that now is band.they used to put in ointment it was cannabis oil.i have seen many be cured from tumors and i wish to passe the info on .if this be my child i would do everything i could.there is also a sight called raw teaches us how to clean ourselves with food that god also put on this planet for us.god bless you’s all who have supported an ill friend

    • Dana Faddis

      Forget cannabis! God has put other wonderful plants on this earth to heal cancer! Apricot pits are one of those natural remedies & they are not illegal! But they are very frowned upon by Doctors who want to drain your life savings. Also a guy named Sir Jason Winters has a tea that he himself treated his own cancer with. Sir Winters won the Nobel peace prize for his formula. There is also a mushroom called Turkey Tail mushroom that boosts the immune system while you are fight the cancer. Just a few things to look into, I’ve read many testimonies that are very positive with these herbs. Love in Christ & prayers being sent to the Father.

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