Raquel Update: Getting Ready to Go Home!

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We are so happy to have finished up radiation treatments for our daughter’s illness. This last week has been crazy trying to get all the supplies so she’s ready to go home, including a ventilator. But we are so excited that she is doing better every day, and is well enough that we are ready to go home.

Getting in Car with PT

For the past three days they wanted us to do something called “rooming in,” which meant that my husband and I handled almost all of Raquel’s needs and cares. We had already been doing almost everything, but to do it all without much help from the nurses was pretty intensive. Not to mention that we had doctors and delivery people coming by all the time to talk with us and show us how to use the new equipment we would be taking home. It has been absolutely nonstop!

Supplies for going home

I did sneak away on Wednesday to mail our tax return, and thought it might be good to pick up some button-down shirts for Raquel. So I went to the mall, to her two favorite stores, and went on a little shopping spree! Raquel was so excited when I got back and showed her what I got. I guess I know what she likes, and have good taste, because she loved it all! 🙂 Her sweet 16 birthday is only 3 weeks away too!

Clothes Shopping

This afternoon we took Raquel for a ride in the car as a trial run, to make sure we could do the special seat belt they had given us, and that she could tolerate being in the car for a little while. It went very well, but she was tired so we did not get her out of the car.

In Car Mike Raquel

We did however meet up with some of her friends and here is a little video of that.

Tomorrow we will check out in the morning and go see our natural practitioner lady, who we love, before we head home. Mike took several wagon-loads out to our car already today.  We have tentative plans to bring Raquel back up in two weeks to see Mindy Gledhill play at the hospital, and then in a month to have her trach checked and a possible MRI. We will do more treatments with our natural practitioner when we come back up on those dates.

Andersons and Raquel

It’s going to be a bit challenging, I think for me as a mom when we get home, to resume being a mother to my other children and still make sure Raquel gets all the care she needs. I will be reaching out for help to my community about that, along with hiring additional help as well. I know there have been many people waiting for me to just say the word, and are excited to jump in and help us. I am so grateful for the many good hearts out there and all the support and love that we feel!


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