Raquel Update: Coming Home After Radiation

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After radiation for my daughter’s illness and 5 weeks at primary children’s hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah, we are home! We’ve been back for almost a week, and I still feel like I’m trying to get my head above water. But I can’t tell you how good it feels to be with all my children again, in our nice, comfortable home, sleeping in my own bed.

At the hospital, the nurses always charted everything that was done for Raquel. I’ve created a schedule of our own, to keep track of all her cares, feeds and supplements making sure we don’t miss anything. It has been a full-time job and I must say the first few days were very stressful. But things are looking up, and I have some paid helpers that are coming  to lighten the load. 

I knew many of Raquel’s friends wanted to visit her when she got home, so I set up a schedule for them to come over at different times over this coming week, to sit, read, hold her hand and just be with her.

Raquel Update: Raquel and Halsey

It was nice that school was out for fall break, and she was able to visit with many of her friends. It brightens her spirits so much when they walk through the door.

After radiation: Raquel With Friends

So far it’s going really well and her friends have helped decorate the temporary room we have her in, which is right next to our bedroom.

After radiation: Raquel Wall Decor
My parents had a bunch of balloons ready for her when we got home. So even though she can’t be in her cute room that we remade after her first surgery, I think she’s pretty happy and comfortable where she is at least for the next month or two.

After radiation: Raquel Joel Thumbs Up
Our first night home we all squeezed into her little room and said a family prayer. We all kneeled down knelt down around her bed and it was the loveliest, warmest feeling to be all together in prayer. God spirit was definitely with us and continues to be in our home. I know there are angels here.

Two of our earthly angels are my parents, who have been here watching our kids while we have been at the hospital with Raquel. Before the prayer my mother started singing with my children some of the fun songs and lullabies that she’s been singing to them over this time. It was so wonderful and happy that I had to record some of it to share with you.

A couple days ago, Mike’s cousin, Dave and his wife Val, called us as they were traveling home from Salt Lake to Phoenix, and wanted to stop by. He is a fire fighter, and teaches kids classes on safety dressed as a clown. He also does magic tricks, and did a personal show for us. Raquel and the rest of our kids LOVED it. He’s hilarious!

I am so touched by the continued outpouring of prayers, fasting, meals, and love. There are so many wonderful people in this world and it makes me determined to try to always to be one of them. Thank you to all of you everyone who has helped in one way or another, to help and support our family and precious daughter. xoxo

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  • Judy V. Shaw

    Jenni, you gave us the address for cards etc at the hospital but now that Raquel is home (praise the Lord), can you provide prayers groups, etc. an address where cards, etc. can be sent now? Thank you. Judy

  • Katheryn Krueger

    Jenni and Family,

    I am the lady who mailed a prayer shawl and Healing Scriptures Booklet and card from Texas. Our church’s Prayer Warriors and other teams are still praying for Raquel, her healing and for your entire family. I am assuming that the package arrived at the hospital before Raquel went home. Judy Shaw is a good friend of ours and connected us with your website and story. Prayers for daily strength to cope and function and of course for the tumor to disappear continue! Let me know if that prayer shawl made its way to your precious daughter. YOU ALL are amazing!!! Thanking the Lord for HIS grace to see ya’ll through.

    • jenni

      Hi Katheryn,

      Yes, we did receive the booklet and prayer shawl, and it is beautiful! I’m amazed at your thoughtfulness and so grateful for your continued prayers. Please tell everyone in our group that we give our deepest thanks. I’m so glad you commented again, since I couldn’t remember where you had commented previously. I appreciate you reaching out in love, and the prayers are helping us. You strengthen me. Thank you! xoxo

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