Free Download: Jenni’s Inspiring Music Recordings

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Yes, I admit it! I’m a singer, and this page has a free download of my music!

Jenni in studio

My mother was a singer on the Lawrence Welk Show, and now I’ve recorded my own voice to some of my favorite inspiring music!

Free Downloads of Our Music

Here I’ve separated my 2 sets of music. Just click the links below to download. You may need to right-click and choose “Save Link As”

<<<Wilson Family Gems>>>

These songs feature my son, Nathan, and daughter, Raquel, who passed away in June, 2015.

Raquel Wilson in studio

I sing with them on a couple, and I’m so grateful we recorded these!

Nathan Guitar in Clive's studio

<<<Jenni’s Gems>>>

Jenni’s GemsĀ are all sung by “yours truly.”

<<<Counting My Blessings-Sandi>>>

Sandi, Salli Lawrence Welk Show

by Sandi Griffiths from the Lawrence Welk Show

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