What Do Root Canals, Skin and Gut Issues Have In Common?

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I’m on a mission. We have a couple health issues (needing root canals, fighting skin and gut issues) in our immediate family that are reaching crisis mode. And so begins my quest.

The most urgent of our health issues is my daughter’s mouth. Couple years ago we learned that she had an infection in one of her teeth and they recommended a root canal. With my Master Herbalist training I feel certain we could find some natural solutions. I’ve been researching on and off over the past couple years and found some pretty good Information. Unfortunately, I wasn’t sure if it would really solve the problem and I couldn’t force my daughter to do some of it for very long.

Now my other teenager is struggling with facial skin problems and wants to do what all of his friends are doing, which means using toxic chemicals on his face. I totally understand his frustration. The natural remedies we have been using have not worked immediately, and he hasn’t always been diligent about doing them all every day. I know it’s hard for a teenager. I get it.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to one of my sisters. She mentioned the gaps diet. I had heard about gaps diet, as I know there are many other bloggers that write about it. I even have a couple contributors to my book that mentioned it in their chapters. I’ve heard just enough about it that I was feeling like I needed to figure out what exactly it was and why so many people are talking about it.

I have some really good reasons to do so. For years I’ve struggled with a yeast imbalance and it has manifested Itself in many different ways. After learning about herbs and essential oils I was able to manage many symptoms pretty darn well. But I have never felt like I could completely heal my gut. And I’ve also felt that there was a connection between the gut and the problems that my other children were facing as well.

A couple weeks ago I ordered the book called Gut and Psychology Syndrome and this past week I’ve been reading it voraciously. Just this week I attended a class, which was an introduction to the gaps diet. I am even more convinced that it contains so much truth, and it might just be a will to help me heal my gut for good.

It does not sound like it will be easy. Especially with the family of seven children and two are teenagers. But have already been working towards practicing some of the principles. We’ve been eating yogurt from my neighbor for a while now and I’ve read a lot about culturing foods and fermenting. I’ve also been learning about the importance of good fats and the connection that they have between our skin and teeth health.

I have not been posting as often lately. Part of the reason is because it took so much out of me to do the book, but the other part is that I am a perfectionist and want to have perfect posts with perfect pictures. I need to give that up if I want to keep my blog going 🙂 I’m going to start sharing with you our personal journeys of health as I have in the past and how it’s going. Perhaps it will help you in some way too.

Thanks for reading! I will keep you posted as this journey continues.

UPDATE August 2015- After a few months of trying GAPS, I decided it has some really good principles that I want to continue, but I don’t think it addresses all our needs. I am currently using NAET therapy to successfully resolve my younger son’s eczema and gut issues. I wanted to use ozone to treat my daughter’s dental infection, but never got the chance. We did do colon hydrotherapy 3 times, pure whole food diet and cleansing herbs, which finally helped resolve my daughter’s skin problems.

Enjoy this Natural Oil Mom blog. Share the word how essential oils work! :)
  • Debra E

    Awesome Jenni! I’ve read the book too and been taking an online course from Divinehealthfromtheinsideout.com called Heal Your Gut. She is a certified nutritional therapist and the course has been fantastic! She even has several session covering GAPS and also talks about yeast. Her next class starts in October. You should check into it. I started fermenting a year ago. My daughter used to get major build up on her teeth between visits to the dentist every 6 months. The kind that was very noticable and was scraped off every time. She doesn’t have it any longer and I believe it is because of probiotics in the ferments! I personally went on GAPS this past spring, starting with the intro diet, and saw my seasonal allergies completely disappear. I look forward to hearing about your families own journey.

    • jenni

      I’m so glad to hear that! I’m glad to hear that it helped with your daughter’s teeth. I would love to hear more about your experiences. Perhaps you can write a blog post for me! 🙂

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