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Alice in Wonderland: Directed By Young Teens

My 14 yr-old daughter, Raquel, got an ambitious idea a few months ago. She decided to direct the play, Alice in Wonderland. I encouraged her to pursue it, and she was absolutely successful! Here is the story in her own words:

A couple friends and I love to act, so we decided it would be a great experience to direct a play at our school this past year. We did research and settled on the play Alice in Wonderland.

We made a whole plan and cleared it with the principal. We then got the correct permission for the copyright and held auditions. Over 90 children, ages 5-14, auditioned. We cast them all and got to work right away. We had about 3 months to pull it all together, so we worked hard. We directed, choreographed, publicized, and more. There was definitely some struggles.

We argued a few times over who would get what part, then regretted it later and sometimes it didn’t work out. It was stressful and hard. It was a challenge, but we did it! We spent tons of time and stayed up late for many nights making the costumes, the sets, and the props and making sure it all work.

The kids did fantastic and we had a really great turnout from family and friends. We got some great feedback from teachers and the children’s parents. Overall, it was an amazing opportunity! We learned a lot, had tons of fun, and strengthened our theater experience and relationships with others.

Can you believe it? Two 14 year-olds did all that!

Many parents came to me afterward and said that they hadn’t known what to expect, but the play turned out to be very well done. It exceeded most people’s expectations, including my own 🙂

Raquel has participated in many plays in her young life, thanks mainly to the fact that we live by the Utah Shakespeare Festival. She attended a large charter school last year, and they had not had a drama teacher for a while. So, she and her best friend took the initiative to produce a play themselves.

I was grateful for the timing and environment that allowed for her to have such an opportunity. It was hard sometimes to see all the tough lessons she had to learn, but it was a lot of fun to see it come together at the end!

Have your children ever had fantastic opportunities that worked out for them? I would love to hear the story!

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