Calm Yourself! Try Lavender Essential Oil

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Lavender is one of my favorite essential oils, and the benefits are endless. It is a universal oil most commonly used for calming the body, but it is one of the handful of oils that can be used anywhere.  Not only is lavender one of the most nostalgic and pleasing aromas, but it promotes a general sense of well-beingScreen shot 2016-08-18 at 11.37.29 AM and creativity.

Lavender has excellent therapeutic properties, and is known as the relaxing essential oil.  It can promote healthy hair and skin, it balances emotions, aides cardiovascular system health, and is great for the nervous system. The powers of lavender oil are incredible!

Let’s start with the effects on the hair and skin.  It does wonder for our hair, especially for dandruff and hair loss.  For the skin, lavender is a great tool to use for acne and other skin irritations, such as bruises, boils, burns and bites.  It is a great relief from insect bites, and is very effective for tick bites.  It can be used on minor cuts, as well on sores.  Some even use it on stretch marks, scars and wrinkles with great success! Lavender is also safe for infants! It is a fantastic tool against diaper rash!

Emotional balance is another area where lavender is used. It can help with focusing and staying on task.  It is one of the, if not the top oil for helping with anxiety.  It can calm agitation, anxiety, anger and hyperactivity.  It even helps with mood swings by naturally boosting serotonin levels. It aides in a restful sleep, and is a wonderful tool against headaches.

The cardiovascular system can reap the benefits of lavender as well.  Inhalation of the oil can reduce cholesterol content and atherosclerosis plaques in the aorta.  It can be used for carpal tunnel syndrome relief, heart irregularities…

The digestive system also finds relief with lavender.  Applied topically it can reduce gas, help with nausea, and act as a diuretic.  Taken internally it can help with diarrhea…

People who suffer from cartilage and joint function can find relief by using this power oil.  Not only will it aid in pain relief, but it will lift the mood as well.  Women can also benefit, especially with menstrual ailments such as cramping and PMS.  It is great before, during, and after labor as well.

It is recommended to have lavender oil on hand in case of an emergency.

Diffuse in a room, apply topically, spray on linens, or add some drops to a warm bath.  When in doubt, use lavender!

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