Essential Oil Cut and Bruise Recipe

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We needed a cut and wound recipe after my daughter, Raquel, bought a couple rats as pets several weeks ago. They did alright until this past week and were making quite a mess where they were located. We decided that we would be taking them back to the pet store this week. Yesterday I opened up one of our closets and one of the rats was in there. It made me scream. It had not gotten out before, and it startled me quite a bit!

Pet Rats

Raquel had not fed her rats for a couple days or so when Lily put her finger in the cage today, and one of the rats bit her very hard. She started screaming and flipping her hand around all the way down the hall into our bathroom to get a bandage. When it was over, there was blood all over the walls and her clothes. We pinched her finger hard to get the bleeding to die down. I put some essential oil on it and she continued to pinch it. It did not take long for the bleeding to stop and I’m not concerned about further issues because of the oils.

I checked it again and it looked really good. Essential oils help wounds to stop hurting really fast too. It wasn’t very long until she was feeling happy again. Thank goodness!

“Cut and Wound” Essential Oil Recipe*:

15 drops fractionated coconut oil, or other pure carrier oil
3 drops melaleuca
3 drops cloveclove oil in a bottle of glass close-up on the table. horizontal
3 drops rosemary
3 drops frankincense (or lavender if you don’t have frankincense)
2 drops helichrysum

Combine all in a clean bottle and shake well.

We put this on all our cuts, scrapes, and bruises. It stops the hurt fast, helps prevent problems and cuts healing time dramatically!

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