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doTERRA Breaks the Pattern For Sourcing Essential Oils

doTERRA breaks the traditional and problematic way of sourcing Essential Oils. They created a model called Co-Impact Sourcing which is very different from the way most other essential oil companies do business. And they reimburse growers, harvesters and distillers year round and more generously for their work. This ensures the highest quality.
Most other essential oil companies source and purchase through middle men, which presents problems with quality all along the production chain. They all want to make the most money, and that is usually the priority for all involved.

doTERRA’s Quality Oils

The growers use poor growing practices because they are so desperate for money that they will harvest out of season. And even stop producing when they aren’t paid enough or at all by the middle men. This is one of the reasons why many companies are not able to source certain precious oils right now.
Just using Frankincense as an example, it is sourced mainly in Somolia, which is a very impoverished country. The harvesters have not been getting paid enough or at all by the middle men. The leading cause of death for the men is falling out of the trees when they are harvesting. No companies have wanted to travel to that county themselves, because it is dangerous. But doTERRA owners went, because they wanted the highest quality oils. And they wanted to help the people in that country. So the president and the VP (a woman) traveled there themselves 3 years ago, and met with some people in the government. They told them they wanted to source oils there and help the country.
They got the green light, and then assembled a group of numerous tribe leaders, who hadn’t been in the same room for decades. They told them they wanted to source the Frankincense there and pay appropriate wages for the work, year round. So the men could support their families. They also told them that doTERRA’s charity organization, Healing Hands, would come in and build a school for their children. In return, they would need to produce a certain amount regularly, with high quality standards. The people joyously agreed.

doTERRA’s Fair Trade

Now there is a school there, and even though the people only wanted boys to attend it (as per the traditions there), doTERRA insisted that girls attend also and the school is functioning. We had also been enjoying the highest quality Frankincense oil on the market. The entire country knows who doTERRA is and that they practice fair trade. This is only one example of how doTERRA is improving the standards of living. And sourcing in whole countries at a time, worldwide. No other companies source this responsibly, to this extent.
This short video tells more about the co impact sourcing. doTERRA Breaks the Pattern For Sourcing Essential Oils!
Here is another video about quality:

doTERRA wanted to make their high quality oils affordable for normal people, and competitive for retailers. I have many retailers that I service. If you really want the highest quality essential oils, with the best extraction technology, then you won’t find better than doTERRA overall. And you can get the best prices, of under HALF OFF the retail. Learn how here.
Please consider the truth of what is actually happening in this industry, instead of judging because of the business model. doTERRA is not like any other company you’ve ever seen, I promise. It’s amazing and created by a group of people with integrity, concern for the fairness of all. And the skills needed to educate, empower and improve the lives of people all over the world through these beautiful tools for healing.
Coming soon how doTERRA’s Compensation Plan to their distributors breaks to mold of other Direct Sales (MLM) companies.

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