Why Spend More For Quality Essential Oils?

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This was one of my first questions as I learned about quality essential oils years ago. The first thing I noticed was there is a wide spectrum of prices for essential oils out there. You could pay $5 for one kind of oil by one brand or $50 for a bottle by another brand. What’s the difference?

I have taken courses, read books, and heard many lectures about this, and one thing I’m learning is that the same plant can have different compounds and constituents depending upon what variety it is, where it’s grown, how it’s processed and what parts of the plant are used.

Usually, there is one specific part of a plant that contains essential oil of the highest therapeutic value. Many producers use additional parts of the plant because they smell the same, but they don’t have the same amount of compounds or potency.

Many essential oils are extracted with chemical solvents. It’s hard to remove these solvents completely and makes the production process more expensive. As a result, most companies in the past have not been willing to pay the extra expense to do this extra step or buy more expensive oils extracted a different way. And some companies dilute or adulterate their oils to make more money.

In fact, the FDA requires that only 15% of an actual oil be present for a company to claim it as being 100% pure. Don’t be fooled!

This is why it’s traditionally taught that essential oils should not be taken internally. And it’s true that many brands of essential oils are unsafe to take internally.

I’ve been asked many times why I recommend one company in particular. It’s because I’ve never found another organization at all like them. Guess what? doTERRA is absolutely committed to having the purest oils possible. They go to great lengths, developing personal sourcing relationships and spending the money it takes to do so. Not only do they outside-test all batches of oils to make sure they are pure, they also measure the oils to verify they have the correct amount of therapeutic compounds.

As a result, their products are safe to take internally within recommended guidelines. I’ve used their products for 7 years, and have been amazed at the power and purity of their essential oils. My nose has gotten better at detecting differences in quality between brands. Some are so obvious when you have something really pure with which to compare.

Dripping essential oil

doTERRA is definitely a pioneer in the field of essential oils. They promote scientific research, and I know people who have already had success with them in the areas of all types of healthcare. It’s exciting stuff!

There are other reasons why I love this company. They offer things I couldn’t find from other companies.

– Beautifully printed educational materials (even their catalog has usage charts)

– Free videos and webinars

– A generous rewards program for monthly auto-ship ordering

– An opportunity to pay for my oils by sharing them with other people

– A wellness philosophy I heartily support

This is why I am so loyal to this brand, products and company. They’ve raised the bar of quality for essential oils to a very high level.

Go ahead. Try some. You’ll be able to tell a difference too! Contact me to learn more HERE.

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