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Wellness Advocate Specials

You’re in the right place for simple, innovative sales solutions and essential oil wellness tools!

I can’t wait for you to discover a less expensive way to send samples, a simple, easy-to- implement sales system and my very exciting EO intimacy recipes, EO food recipes, my “intro to natural remedies” book! These are amazing offers for essential oil lovers and sharers!

Learn more about each of these below.

1. Simple Sample System

Would you like to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars sending samples? Check out my revolutionary system, for sending samples inexpensively! It took me 10 years, and spending thousands of dollars to finally figure out these tips and tricks. Click here to get my system.

2. MLM Workshop Lab

Supercharge your sales, engagement and reactivations! This offer includes everything you need to build your team consistently, engage your leaders, and get more enrollments. You’ll re-engage old customers & builders, and keep your LRP retention up year round!! I will help you get 200 people into your online event, without spending money on ads or hours and hours online.

Get this complete SYSTEM at our Founder Price of 50% off now only! And use code 3HUNOFFLAB to get an ADDITIONAL $300 off!!! Expires Monday Night, Sept 13 at 10 PM MST. Click HERE to get your special deal!

3. Light The Fire of Intimacy with EOs

How to use essential oils in ways you may never have considered, but will definitely change your life for the better! Perfect if you’ve lost some libido over the years, want more spice in the bedroom, and need some great intimacy recipes. You’re in the right place! 💖 Click here for more info.

💝 Use code BEDROOMOFF50 to get $50 off this course! Expires Monday Night, Sept 13 at 10 PM MST.

4. Trust Your Intuition: Bestselling Amazon Book

I wrote this book to have a collection of various stories, showing why some influential women chose natural solutions over conventional therapies. It’s great to share with potential customers who are on the fence about which system they should trust. Get your copy and extra copies to share HERE.

5. Quick & Easy Family Favorite Recipes Using Essential Oils

I have been creating healthy, yummy recipes for 20 years, and adding in essential oils for the last 10! Get my tried and true favorite recipes HERE. Use code EOKITCH15OFF for $15 OFF!!!

6. Coming Soon! Clubhouse Training for WA’s

Learn how to use Clubhouse to teach classes with new people each time. You’ll have a never-ending supply of new leads!! 🎉🎉🎉 To be notified when this training is coming, please Click HERE.

If you have questions or need help, contact me here.

7. Product Bundle Special Offer

If you would like to purchase the Essential Oils for Intimacy, Family Favorite Recipes, Trust Your Intuition and Simple Sample System, as a bundle, Click HERE. Use code “doBundle10” to get $10 off. What a deal!!

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