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I had been using natural tools like essential oils for years. But I had no idea they could do that!
How You Can Go From 
Frustration to Bliss...
Do you want to Be Closer to Your Partner, but...
You're Just Not Feeling it?
Do you have guilt, resentment or shame because you don't always feel like being intimate?

Are you wishing you could rekindle the romance, and REALLY enjoy your time together?

Want to stay away from nasty chemicals, drugs or unnatural potions ?
I Didn't Know What I Was Missing...
Maybe you just haven't known what could change or how to make things better. You're not the only one.
Are you worried about the stuff going in or on you or your spouse's body? You know it's not healthy, but you don't know what else to do?

I can't count how many times I've felt exhausted, when my spouse wants to be intimate. Or my head hurts or my stomach is uncomfortable. It's enough to make me feel guilty, though it's not my fault.

I realized, after 25 years of marriage, I wasn't really looking forward to that time together with my partner. It was agonizing, because I really didn't want to feel that way towards him.
Then, one day, when I wasn't expecting it, I stumbled upon the answer...
discovered some secrets about essential oils, that I didn't have a clue about before...

I started experimenting, and LOVING IT, and now...

I'm on a mission to help other couples light the fire of intimacy!
Hiding in the Closet...
I seriously found myself standing in my closet, over and over, trying to decide if I had the energy or desire to make love to my husband.
Yes, I looked for fun stuff for the bedroom, usually online (because who has time to shop for stuff when you've got kids at home, right?) and then all kinds of undesirable products and photos would pop up on my computer screen over and over. I didn't want my family to see that kind of stuff, YIKES!

I didn't want either of us on meds or using anything unnatural. Who wants to put chemical junk in their private places anyway???

But then I had an epiphany, and realized I could tap into some magic power I didn't know I had!
Jenni Wilson
I'm a normal woman, who happens to be married to a great guy. Yeah, we have our ups and downs, but we are committed to each other.

I wanted to feel really close to my man, but honestly I was having low libido. 

Then everything changed.

I found the awesome, natural solutions that I didn't even realize I was missing. But boy did I enjoy using them once I started! It made all the difference! 
Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You Could Rekindle the Flame?
Experience more anticipation in the bedroom. Let go of negative feelings towards your spouse. 

Feel amazing, physical sensations you've never experienced before. 

Help each other's bodies work they way they should with natural solutions.

Know that you're supporting your health and wellness with these tools, not adding toxicity to your life. 

Wouldn't it be AWESOME to have all this without wasting anymore time or money??

Make the kaboom, kaboomier, feel more intimate, satisfied, supported and happier 
as you learn and use these wonderful essential oils in YOUR bedroom.

Thank goodness you're already using dōTERRA, the best on the market...

If you want to invest in your relationship, just use the right tools to make your experiences AMAZING!

Get My Intimacy On Fire....

Video Course!!!

You Already Have the Best and Purest Essential Oils for Intimacy, now Learn How to Use Them! You Won't Be Left "In the Dark" (Haha)
Watch my videos to feel closer to your partner within a week!
6 Incredible Single Oil Videos
Get the Low-Down on How To Use These Single Oils!
I've only seen a few other people talking on this subject, but they usually don't give enough details on using the oils. 😆So I've got my own videos, where I tell you how to use the oils, without getting too graphic :)

But inquiring minds want to know, right? So I'll give you just enough juicy details, so you can be confident in using these tools to get plenty of the results you want, to light the fire in the bedroom again!

6 Essential Oil Blend Videos
Get the Low-Down on How To Use These Oil Blends!
Single oils are great, but sometimes you can get amazing effects with oil blends. These blends each enhance the original effect and create a multiplying effect overall! ❤️

More Intimacy Oil & Supplement Info
Get the Low-Down on Other Oils and Supplements!
Learn what to use for greater energy, stamina and health in the bedroom!

Inside and outside of the bedroom, we can support our emotions, our physical wellness, and libido levels 😍

Only $97

Price may increase in the future!

And, when you purchase my Intimacy Video Course, you'll get these Exclusive Bonuses to Rock your Romance!
BONUS - "9 Ways to Feel Closer Ebook"
Learn some new ideas on how to feel closer!
Check out my ideas on deepening your intimate feelings toward your spouse. We all need to review these ideas periodically, right?

Getting enough NSPA? That's non-sexual, physical affection, and we all need it to increase our feelings of closeness towards each other.

So don't miss all my great ideas to support your relationship, here in this bonus eBook! ❤️
BONUS - "15 Essential Oil Intimacy Recipes"
Get my 15 Secret Recipes!
Check out my recipes on lighting the fire of intimacy outside and inside the bedroom. These could just rock your world!

I knew EOs were great for perfume and all, but I had used essential oils for over 10 years before I knew that oils could do certain things in the bedroom, WOW! So you'll get the best recipes to get started! ❤️
BONUS - Lifetime Membership Including Future Videos!
I will be adding more videos to this course!
I have videos in production, and am planning more videos in the future...

Stay tuned for more DIY and behind the scenes videos for creating my intimacy recipes, that I'll include in this course as well! ❤️
If you want to know how to light the fire in the bedroom, I'll give you the juicy details in my course! I promise!! 🤩
Get Your Package Now, As this is A
limited time offer!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
I'm sure you will find value in my course, but if you go through all my videos and try my recommendations, and still don't feel that you received value, then I will refund your money!! 🤩
Please remember....
You May Not See This Offer Again!
You've read this far, so I KNOW you are itchin' to light the fire of intimacy with your spouse or partner. Don't let this offer pass you by! 💫

Choose to invest in your relationship in the right way, with tools that are healthy and amazing! 💦

Make your time together a priority. ⭐️

If you don't pull the trigger now, how long will you let things be hum drum? 😐

Your partner will LOVE this stuff! 💋

I  will make sure you know how to use these oils. It's easy, and you'll get immediate access to my videos. 💁🏻‍♀️

My course offers immediate results, and a rock solid, money-back guarantee. And you can only get it all for a limited time! You may not get the opportunity again! Just do it! 😍 

Remember, you're just one new experience away from lighting the fire... 🔥

-Jenni Wilson, Natural Oil Mom

Course Includes Videos on How to Use These In the Bedroom:

  • Cinnamon
  • Bergamot
  • ​Cypress
  • Wild Orange
  • ​Peppermint Beadlets
  • Sandalwood
  • ​Forgive
  • ​Whisper
  • ​Slim & Sassy
  • ​Passion
  • ​Balance
  • ​Past Tense

What You're Getting Today:

  • ​6 Incredible Single Oil Videos ($147 Value)
  • ​6 Oil Intimacy Blend Videos ($147 Value)
  • ​More Intimacy Oil & Supplement Info ($7)
  • ​Bonus-Jen's eBook: "9 Ways to Feel Closer to Your Partner ($37 Value)
  • ​Bonus-Lifetime Membership: Access all future videos! ($197)
Total Value: $535
But today, you're getting all of this (more than 80% off!)...
For Only For $97 

Price may increase at any time.

"I love your intimacy program! And I love listening to you. You have a soothing voice and a gift of relaying info concisely through video. Many I listen to, just go on and on and take forever getting to the point. Yours are short and sweet and give is the info we want and I love that.

I have had a great response to the oil your recommended applied in my special spot! I'm waiting on a couple of oils in my next order to try some of the other tips!"
~Jody W.

"Thanks for all the great info! I've already used several of your recipes and recommendations. I am loving it and so is my hubby!
I had lost any drive for sex early on in our marriage, especially during the years of raising our children. We are going on 33 years of marriage and I'm just now starting to get back my desire. I just couldn't seem to initiate and often claimed I was just too tired.
This past year has been amazing as I've started researching and tapping into more of the oils for my libido! One of the big things that has helped me is keeping my "lady garden" moist and choosing the right oils to enhance the "feeling" down there. These oils have been amazing, and have enhanced his experience as well.
The most difficult part of using essential oils for intimacy was my lack of knowledge and my rigidness to experiment with them. I'm now past all of that and have several blends ready to go that I keep handy by my bedside. They are effective for massage and smell so amazing!
I went through your course this morning - the videos are short and sweet.To be honest - you have some awesome recipes in there! I had no idea about the power of some of these oils - haven't tried a few certain ones yet, but will soon!
I thank the Lord daily for the gift of intimacy in marriages and have confessed, and let go of, my failure and neglecting my husband's needs for all those precious years. I pray I will serve us both well in this area moving forward. Thanks for venturing into a subject that can be so awkward, but ever so helpful!" ~Susan R.

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