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Hi, this is Jenni’s sister Emili. I am more of a novice when it comes to herbs and oils, I haven’t taken many courses or had quite the extensive experience that Jenni has, but I try new things and learn as I go. I’ll be posting to share some of my experiences as I have them.

I have a 9 month old baby girl who has recently been teething. I noticed it about a month ago when she started acting fussy for no apparent reason. I decided to try some oils since I know they act quickly.

I took a 4 oz spray bottle and put in a few drops of clove and cinnamon (known to be good for pain and numbing), and some lemon and wild orange oils. The citrus is good for the immune system and it makes it taste yummy. I also added some Pure Stevia Extract Powder.


We both use Stevia all the time, as it sweetens things naturally, which is great for kids. I filled the rest of the bottle up with water and it became out “throat/teething” spray.

Lemon is also really good for sore throats, so you can use a similar spray when your throat is acting up. It is a little strong, but Sami loved it. She is the first of my children to drink at all from a bottle so I’ve started giving it to her in a bottle even more diluted. I would spray about 15 sprays in the bottle and then add a drop or lemon and a shake of stevia.

She LOVES it. And, when she would get fussy from her teeth, one bottle would silence her pain for hours.

It’s a wonderful thing. Sometimes I add a drop of grapefruit to the bottle because I heard that’s good for teething too. But watch out with the Grapefruit, if you put it in a bottle and they drink it repeatedly, it will flush their system (grapefruit is also a cleansing oil) and could cause a diaper rash if they get too much too often.  I’m not personally against Motrin for kids, but I don’t want my children LIVING on it, and when their teething, it’s hard to know when they really need it or not. With the bottle of oils, I could give it to her when ever without worrying about it hurting her system, in fact, I’m helping build it!

We were shocked when we noticed her first 2 teeth cut through without any obvious fussiness! I LOVE happy babies. I adore my happy Sami.  The above methods worked GREAT for her first few teeth.

As her molars and bigger teeth are coming in, you might need something a little stronger.  I recommend rubbing clove (DILUTED) directly on the baby’s gums and that should help instantly with the pain. I put a drop or 2 of clove, a drop of lemon, a drop of grapefruit and a drop of Bergamot in a small dish with about 5-6 drops of coconut oil.  Then I just stick my finger in there, and rub it on her gums.  Try it on yourself before using it on the baby so you know how strong it is.  At first they HATE it, and I don’t blame them because it doesn’t taste too great.  But, I’ve found that after a few applications, they are often more willing to let me put it on.  You can usually see the relief from the pain within a minute or 2.  If you don’t have all the above oils, remember that clove is the most important one and the best for pain.

It’s always good to dilute with coconut oil. Water won’t work, you need another oil. If you have olive oil, that will work, but try some coconut oil (fractionated). It’s amazing and it’ll stay stable in all temperatures without going rancid.

If you need oils or want to try something new, you can always let us know!


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