Fabulous Family Frozen Yogurt

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Have you ever made frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries?

Everything else blands in comparison. If you eat this in the heat of the summer, you’ll find it hard to believe anything could be so freshly exquisite. And it’s so easy to make! We eat it during the winter, too, just not as often.

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Check out this video I made of how we take this yogurt on the road to social events!

Start with fresh berries. Frozen will do, and so will using a variety of berries or fruit. I wash these suckers well to remove pesticides. I soak them for a couple minutes in a bowl of water with 1 drop dish soap and 1 drop lemon oil.

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I stir a shake of stevia into a quart of yogurt, dump it in the blender with a 1/4 cup dried cane juice sugar, and add berries to make the quantity I want.

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Then I pour it into my Cuisinart frozen yogurt maker (this is the best one I’ve used, and we’ve been through a few of them). With 6 kids, the 2 quart size is a must.

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Vuala! Almost instant gratification. I NEVER forget the chocolate chips.

Family Frozen Yogurt

1 Quart Plain Yogurt
4 Small Scoops of Pure Stevia Extract
1/4 C Dried Cane Juice Crystals (or 1/2 Cup if you  don’t have Stevia, but get some already!)
2-4 Cups Strawberries (or other fruit), fresh or frozen, washed, without stems
1/4 C Chocolate chips, semi-sweet, optional topping

You can do it, too. Buy the Yogurt maker. It’s worth every penny. If you don’t eat 2 quarts at a time (like we always do, you can freeze the leftovers). Your family will thank you forever!

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