Quick Twisted Ankle Relief

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I’m doing a vendor booth for essential oils this weekend at the American Family Festival.  I went to a meeting this morning, on last minute details and learned that Lena Hughes, mom of the Hughes Brothers (largest performing family in the world, from Branson, MI) had twisted her ankle last night.

When the meeting ended, I pulled out a bottle of “Cuts and Bruises” blend of essential oils and dripped it all over her swollen ankle.  After a couple minutes, she was very surprised to report that it felt better.

When you’re running a HUGE event, you want to at least be able to walk around, right?

I happened to have an extra essential oil kit in my car, so I grabbed one which is specifically for minor pain relief (Deep Blue), and we poured that on.  She was even more amazed at the difference it quickly made.  I told her to reapply every half hour, and maybe she’d have less difficulty walking tomorrow.

What do you know? She asked me if my booth would be the first aid station for the weekend.

Guess, I’d better go buy some band-aids…

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