Pleasant Bug Repellent: Is There Such A Thing?

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I was out surveying my garden today, and there were some little flies buzzing around my face, driving me absolutely crazy.  So I decided to get out my essential oil repellent blend, and apply some to myself.

First of all, I’ve bought a lot of “natural” bug repellents, and most of them smelled strongly unpleasant, but I continued to use them because I hate DEET.  It causes neurological damage, especially to small children.

But this oil blend smells AMAZING!  I was happy to slather myself in it, and I enjoyed smelling it while I was outside.

And, yes, it worked wonderfully keeping the flies away!TerraShield_15ml

*Update October 1, 2011*

I have found that this works well for mosquitoes if applied straight. I buy sprayer top lids from AromaTools to spray on straight from the bottle. So I just buy a couple bottles in the spring for summer camping and outdoor activities. We love it!

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