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Grapefruit Oil…Your Energy Booster!
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Grapefruit is one of my favorite citrus oils! I bet you immediately think of the taste when I mention it, but did you know that there are various uses for…

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Calm Yourself! Try Lavender Essential Oil
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Lavender is one of my favorite essential oils, and the benefits are endless. It is a universal oil most commonly used for calming the body, but it is one of…

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Secrets For Healing Burns At Home
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The last time I took my kids to a water park, I ended up neglecting to put sunscreen on my entire body. It wasn’t that hot of a day so…

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Essential Oil Basics
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With seven rambunctious kids, I have to have good home natural wellness tools. I’d go crazy if I didn’t. Essential oils have given me effective and nurturing ways to help my…

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Natural Healing Ointment: Tools For Skin
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Whenever we have a need, we use natural healing ointment and salve in our home. My kids know our essential oils and ointment work so well, they ask for these whenever…

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