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Simple Summer Solutions

Between the heat, bugs, scrapes, bites and ease of use, our natural, non-toxic lifestyle demands simple summer solutions.

Do you hate sweat as much as I do? Want a simple solution for the heat? Open up a bottle of peppermint essential oil, and apply a drop to the back of your neck. Within one minute, you’ll start feeling the cooling effects. It’s amazing!!

Did you know that peppermint can also help with repelling insects?

My favorite blend for that though, is doTERRA’s Terrashield. It’s a very effective insect repellent, if you apply it twice a day. I tested it myself in Nicaragua one year, and I added peppermint because it was hot. As long as I sprayed it on my open skin in the morning, and late afternoon, I didn’t get bit. Mosquitoes love to bite me, so I was extra careful…until the last day. I forgot to put it on in the afternoon, and I got bit! So I knew it worked well for me on the previous days.

My son, however, didn’t want to use my repellent spray. So guess who was up at 2 AM, putting lavender on the 40 bites he got? Yep, me. Lavender helps soothe the skin, but the best blend we found to counteract the itch, was Purify. This is a great blend for all things cleaning, but it also makes the itch and bite disappear fast.

Speaking of making things like bruises and scrapes disappear fast, we have a blend for this, that we keep bottles of…all around our house. With 5 boys, you can bet we use it almost everyday. Here are oils you can put in a blend like this: tea tree, helichrysum, clove, lavender, frankincense and/or rosemary.

Would you like my recipes for scrapes and bruises, after sun care, and cooling down?

Join my free Simple Summer Solutions workshop, starting July 12-16. CLICK HERE

Or register directly for the masterclass HERE. Hope to see you there!

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