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Mental Health Matters Essential Oil Workshop

After this past year, I’ve come to realize how much mental health matters. Which is why I created a Mental Health Matters Essential Oil Workshop!

I saw that 1.4 million people in the USA attempted suicide over the past year, and we can help.

There are some powerful natural solutions for brain balance and mood support, and I want to share them. That’s why I teach this Mental Health Matters Essential Oil Workshop online. We talk about the most powerful natural solutions on the market, to help balance the brain, soothe anxious feelings and manage stress.

Know Anyone Struggling?

Do you know anyone who has struggled with mental health over the past year? You may not even know it, but I’ll bet you do.

Intense emotions are a sign that someone can use some mental health support.

I’ve had heart to heart conversations with friends recently…one who was experiencing sadness, went through med after med to find one that could help her, and after 8 or 10, finally was committed to the hospital for an entire month. After each med she took, she didn’t like it, and so she stopped cold turkey, which is usually not a good idea. It made her get suicidal thoughts. Then they would put her on something else. It was a roller coaster.

Not long after that, she discovered the power of combining certain nutrition with some of the Earth’s most powerful natural solutions…essential oils. When she started taking these core supplements regularly, it actually got rid of MOST her problems (in her own words). Then a new supplement came out a couple years ago, and when she added that into her daily regime, she says it took care of the rest!

Another guy friend of mine, lost his job, relationships, and could hardly function. He was tested over and over, but they couldn’t find a diagnosis. He was in intense pain and struggling with anxious and depressed feelings. He started using the same supplements and natural solutions, and pulled out of it and resolved his own pain. I’ve heard many other similar stories from so many people.

Natural Solutions For Mental Health Support

Would you like to join me and learn these natural secrets to super power our mental health and help ourselves or those around us who might be struggling? Join one of my workshops this summer by joining my public education group on Facebook. Or you can request to host one HERE.

Would you like to try an essential oil sample? You can purchase one HERE!

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