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Soda Pop Substitute: Essential Oil “Sassy” Water

I just had to bring this recipe forward, as it’s my favorite drink to have after heavy holiday foods. Instead of drinking soda and other carbonated or high sugar drinks to cool off, I drink tons of “sassy water.” This healthy soda pop substitute is filtered water with lemon and wild orange essential oils and a dash of stevia. It’s sooooo good! I’m especially been grateful for it’s digestive support.

This is a glass pitcher with lid Soda Pop Substitute: Essential Oil Sassy Water that holds 2 quarts (2 liters to be exact) and I just keep it on the counter or in the fridge with sassy water all the time. The kids love it too. They are always drinking mine! I have to make a new batch once or twice a day.

This wonderful water has these benefits for me:

  • Tastes great, so soda or sugar drinks are not tempting to me
  • Gives my throat that quenched, well lubricated feeling
  • Gives me energy
  • Enhances my mood
  • Improves my digestion
  • Strengthens my immunity
  • Supports clear throat
  • Even helps support healthy body function (as the lemon dissolves toxic chemicals in the body)

Now you know why I drink this ALL THE TIME!

I don’t think I need to review all the reasons why soda, especially diet varieties, are so bad for our bodies. If you have any questions about that, just visit Dr. Mercola’s website. He’ll give you an earful.

Essential Oil Sassy Water Recipe
  • 2 quarts pure water
  • 15 drops lemon essential oil
  • 15 drops wild orange essential oil
  • heaping 1/4 tsp of Pure Stevia Extract Powder Soda Pop Substitute: Essential Oil Sassy Water

I usually sprinkle in the stevia first and add the oils as I’m filling up the pitcher. This way it stirs itself. Some of the oils rise to the top, but the flavor goes through all the water. I keep the container covered so the oils don’t evaporate off. This keeps the flavor strong.

I try to always keep my sassy water in glass or stainless steel containers, since essential oils break down plastic. I’ve used plastic straws for awhile, but I’m finally upgrading to glass straws from Glass Dharma. I just need a couple 9″ ones to put in the quart canning jars I drink out from. I LOVE them.

I’ve tried different brands of essential oils and stevia. After using high quality essential oils and KAL brand Pure Stevia Extract, I’ll never go back.

With wholesale membership in the company I buy from, the lemon and wild orange cost $10 per bottle. This is worth it to me and makes many servings, especially because it’s good for promoting wellness in my family. I won’t have to spend as much on remedies later.

And that’s what doing-it-yourself health is all about!

So Say No to Soda!

Update #1 – It is good to stir your mixture well, because as I mentioned, the oils tend to float on the top of the water. So if you or your child drinks the water without a straw, you may feel the skin around your mouth tingling. If this happens, just rub a little olive oil or other oil on the skin to stop it. I use straws mostly so I never notice that, but my kids have mentioned it a couple times.

Update #2 – Traditionally it is taught that essential oils cannot be taken internally. In the aromatherapy course I took awhile ago, they taught this. They sent me a kit of oils with my course and believe me, I would never take those oils internally. When I compared them to my company’s brand oils, the others smelled rancid.

Most essential oils on the market contain residual petroleum or other impurities and are not fit for internal use. My company’s oils however, are meticulously harvested and undergo multiple 3rd party laboratory testing to ensure that they are pure and therapeutic. This means that every batch of oil is free of fillers, pesticides, or other impurities and also contains the correct balance of compounds. I don’t know of ANY other company that goes to this extreme.

I’ve taken these oils internally for several years now and their effect on my body has been nothing short of a revolution. I therefore, do not recommend that any other brand essential oils be taken internally unless you can verify that they do this level of testing and I would still do several smell and drink tests. Honestly, testing this way yourself is the best way to determine purity. It’s obvious.

Try it! 🙂

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