Our Humanitarian Trip To Bolivia 2017

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My husband, 2 of my sons, myself and some friends (11 of us total) traveled to Bolivia for a week the end of June to distribute 500 DaysForGirls kits, some spanish books for school children, and to help work on adding another room onto a school in the countryside. We had our work cut out for us!

We had a great time our first few days distributing DaysForGirls kits, teaching powerful messages and hanging out with sloths. It rained a lot but we were still able to distribute Days for girls kits. My Spanish is not so great, but I managed doing the majority of the teaching.  We also visited and went on tours of a few clinics. One of them had an ambulance full of equipment that they did not know how to use. I should’ve taken a picture. My husband Mike the MD, told them he would help them with some training on how to use it.  

We made the local paper while there! Mike’s face is on the top of the page, aka Miky, and I guess they thought that I was a doctor too.

The last day was quite an adventurous day! In the morning I taught a yoga class to a group of pregnant women. I was not expecting to do that, but it went well.  Then we distributed more DaysForGirls kits. My Spanish improved over the week because I had been forced to speak it a lot through out the week.

A couple schools, including the one where we added on some new school rooms, did some dances for us to express their gratitude.

Then we went to the health clinic and cleared a ton of weeds and did some cleanup in the afternoon. It looked very different when we were done, yay! After cleaning up at the health clinic, we headed back to have dinner followed by a final party and dance of gratitude and friendship.

It was a very busy but fulfilling and memorable week!!

If you would like to go on a trip with us fill out the contact form.

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