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My Kids Learn Guitar FAST with Rocksmith

We have been experiencing a music revolution in our home.

My kids (and husband) have learned guitar fast from an amazing computer program, and it has completely blown me away!

Just to give you a little background, our oldest started playing the guitar a while ago, like a few years. He got to be really good last year and then all of a sudden, he stopped playing the guitar.

Our next oldest daughter had taught herself some chords and was sounding pretty good, but has played much less frequently since school started. Our next oldest was 11 and we had not given him any lessons along with the younger kids either.

Just after Christmas, my oldest son asked me to take a look at something on his computer. He showed me a new computer program called Rocksmith which basically teaches you how to play the guitar or get better at it. It reminded me a little of rock band on the Wii. It has similar graphics where you play the notes as they come down along the strings. It looked like a lot of fun and was not that expensive, so I bought it.

It was a lot of fun! It was it is a lot like rock band. And it’s way better, because you plug your actual guitar into the computer and use it instead of a fake one. And while you are playing the music that you like or the games they have on the program, you are actually increasing your skills on the guitar.

The program is smart. It gages your skill level and helps you progress incrementally. It lets you slow the songs down so you can practice them and it gives you the percentage of notes you get correct. You can even pick from many classic and current rock songs that are popular. Some of them cost an additional few dollars each.

My three oldest children and husband, all started using the program and loving it! So that means that my second oldest son was not playing at all, is now playing songs on the guitar without me having to pay for lessons. My oldest son has been practicing like crazy, and is getting crazy good! He plays so fast, it leaves me dumbfounded!

Nathan on Rocksmith

My daughter, Raquel, used the program and enjoyed it. And my husband has been using it almost every day when he has time. He loves it and is getting very good also.

I must say, I think we scored big-time with this program. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to learn guitar or encourage their kids to learn. We certainly don’t need to remind the kids to practice their guitar anymore 🙂

Isaac on Rocksmith

Now they can plug in a bass guitar with a regular one, and play together. Now I call that, “quality family time!”

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