Jenni’s Gentle Colon Cleanse Formula

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Here’s the recipe and directions.

Jenni’s Colon Cleanse Formula

1 TB cascara sagrada powder

2 tsp slippery elm bark powder

1 tsp fennel seed powder

1 tsp licorice root powder

1 tsp anise seed powder (optional)

1 tsp peppermint leaf powder

For a liquid formula (perfect for kids) you’ll need:

A small (2-4 oz) glass bottle with dropper lid

Pure vegetable glycerine

Muslin tea bag (or cheesecloth for straining)

Ziplock bag or small storage container

Pint glass storage bottle with lid

Boiling water

Tincture Directions

Mix these good-tasting powdered herbs together and put in a thick ziplock bag or container. This is enough to make 3 batches of liquid extract. Each batch yields 2-2 1/2 cups of finished tincture. I fill a clean, small dropper bottle full and put the rest in a larger bottle with a tight lid in the fridge. Then I just rinse and refill the smaller bottle as needed.

Take only 1 TB of this powder mixture and make a tea in 8 oz boiling water. I find it easiest to put the powder in a muslin bag (should be available at the local health food store) which makes straining a snap. Let it sit, covered for 15 minutes.

I strain it when cool and add 8-12 oz vegetable glycerin. The glycerin is a bit sweet and acts as a natural preservative. If the final product tastes strong to you, add more glycerin by the tablespoon. I pay $20 for a gallon of vegetable glycerin through Azure Standard (food cooperative).

Administer by the dropperful 2-3 times a day and keep in the fridge for a life of 2-6 months. Try not to touch the dropper on your child’s mouth and it will last longer. I leave it on my counter for several days at a time when I’m using it, and it will still stay good.

Capsule Directions

For capsules you’ll need larger amounts of the above herbs (buy only 1-2 ounces of each):

1/4 cup cascara sagrada powder

1 TB + 1 tsp slippery elm bark powder

1 TB fennel seed powder

1 TB licorice root powder

1 TB anise seed powder (optional)

1 TB peppermint leaf powder

 You’ll also need:

– Capsulizing machine

– Empty capsules same size as on machine

Follow directions on the machine you buy. It’s so easy, my kids can do it.

You just take the capsules apart and put each half into the plastic holes, then put a spoonful of the herb on top and use the plastic card to spread the powder so it goes in.

You can buy a tamper separately which helps pack more powder in each capsule. I use the tamper every time.

Take 2-4 capsules at night and 2 more 2 or 3 times a day as needed. I usually take 3, 00 size every night. If things aren’t moving fast enough I’ll take 2 more sometime during the day.

This is definitely the most economical way to address constipation. The capsulizer and capsules are an initial investment, but buying the herbs from the bulk section of your health food store or a bulk retailer is a very inexpensive solution over time. I will have bulk capsules and capsulizers available at a discount on my website very soon.

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