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I’ve been posting videos of Raquel on Facebook over the past couple months, since her passing from glioblastoma. It’s been therapeutic for me to find all the treasures of her on my computer. There are so many, that I finally decided to split them up. These are videos from the past few years.

I’m amazed at how many people have told me they are so grateful for these posts. It’s been wonderful to remember her lively spirit and spunky personality. Without her being here with us everyday, I tend to forget some of the things I loved about her, so I really enjoy watching these and hope you do too.

This was a rehearsal in 2010 for the American Family Festival

The high schools in Cedar showed amazing generosity to Raquel at the Hodson Classic

This is a vocal recital in June of 2012

Raquel loved her siblings!

Raquel being a goofball as she so often was

Hysterical video

Raquel kept cracking herself up making this video, so cute

This made me laugh so much!

Raquel made the high school varsity team her freshman year

Here’s a short goofy one made by Raquel

Impromptu Recital

Here’s one of Raquel singing in a recording studio

Raquel had a love for adventures and animals

This was sung in 2009 by our community group of homeschoolers

Fun family time

Music calmed our hearts

This was a dear friend who came to sing to Raquel

Games with dad in the hospital, when she was just starting to move again

Some of Raquel’s friend met up with us to serenade her

First night home from the hospital

Raquel’s 16th birthday party was a smashing success!

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