Singing: It Brings Me Joy

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I love to sing. I sang a lot with my family growing up. My mom sang professionally, but we never took any lessons. I took choir in high school. We sang in our church once in a while. We sang Christmas carols every year to our neighbors and friends. It was a big family tradition for a long time, until everyone left the nest.

In college my church asked me first to lead the music in the main meeting, then to direct a small choir. Our numbers grew when I figured out that treats really had influence, especially for the guys. And of course when the guys came, the girls followed. Anyway, it was a fun and musically educational experience.

After I married, we lived in San Diego while Mike went to medical school. I had enjoyed the choir directing so much that I volunteered and ended up directing a choir for the 6 years we lived there. I also joined a community choir, and finally took some lessons from that talented director, Norm Boaz.

I had the privilege of traveling with our group to Jerusalem to perform an amazing work of music and narrative (straight from the Bible, word for word) based on the last days of Christ. It was created by a talented man, Lex de Azevedo and his wife Peggy, and called Hosanna.

It was the experience of a lifetime. The music was so powerful, it brought the stories from the scriptures to life for me. It touched my soul. We later performed it again with Lex’s Millenium Choir, in LA for Easter (I found an old write up if you want to read it).

As my children grew, I sang to them. I found the most fun, inspiring, happy music for us to enjoy. (I will share some of my greatest finds here in the future.) My kids have sung in church and other places, and have had many musical adventures of their own already.

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Music is a powerful thing. It can inspire minds and change hearts. I use it in my home education as often as possible.  I’ve taken voice lessons with my kids and they LOVE singing too.

It makes me happy to be singing again.

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