Winning Remedies For Eye Issues and Discomfort

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Many people have called me over the years for an easy remedy for eye issues and discomfort. Some of them were frustrated with conventional stuff that wasn’t working.  My neighbor called me recently because her daughter had gotten a tiny twig or piece of bark in her eye, it had gotten scratched, and they were wondering how to help it heal.

I LOVE helping people with eye problems, because this remedy has worked EVERY TIME. I’ve used it on myself and my children over the years with reliable success.

About 8 years ago I bought a 4 oz bag of Dr. Christopher’s Eyebright formula in powder form. Every time something comes up I take a little powder out to use of give away and I still have a couple ounces left.

Glaucoma remedies, Eyebright-Powder

Only a small amount is required at a time.

1. I combine 1/8-1/4 teaspoon of the powder with 1 Tablespoon of boiling water in a glass cup, stir, and cover for 15 minutes or until cool.

2. I do not stir it again.

3. With a dropper, I take a few drops off the top without getting the powder in the dropper.

4. I drip 1-2 drops in problem eye, or both for prevention.

If I treat things early on, as soon as I see gunk or mucus accumulating, the gunk or infection usually resolves with only 1 or 2 applications. More serious cases take 2-3 applications per day until resolved.

It stings just a little for about 30 seconds (like conventional treatments). I have my kids count and soon they’re fine.

The above tea lasts 24 hours and then needs to be remade with new powder. If you’re worried about herb particles getting into the eye, you can strain the tea through a dishcloth, cheesecloth or muslin. You can buy the capsules and open them for this remedy or take them internally for all maladies of the eye. The herbs in the Eyebright formula specifically nourish, strengthen and heal the eyes.

This formula has also been used to heal cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, retinopathy, and night blindness. For more serious conditions as these I would also suggest some whole body cleansing and super nutrition.

Another friend of mine called me a few months ago saying that her husband had an eye problem and was taking medication, but his eyes were still driving him crazy. His eyes were hurting and he was having a hard time seeing and even keeping his eyes open, which isn’t so good when you’re trying to work at a job.

My friend made some eyebright tea from the powder I had given her, and within an hour his eyes stopped hurting and felt much better.

So now you have a new tool to use next time you have eye issues in the house! I’m always ready to pull out my magic powder.

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