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Reaching One Million Girls!

I have LOVED being involved with Days For Girls, and making hygiene kits for girls in south America to manage their periods, so they could stay in school, not be exploited, and just participate in life!

1,000,000!!! We’ve now reached ONE MILLION women and girls around the world!!! Together, its not possible reaching one million girls. That’s 144 million days we’ve given them back. I like to imagine 25 girls in a classroom when a bundle of kits goes out. I can see them so clearly in my mind, each one smiling and waving at us from a hillside.

But one million?! I can’t even picture it! But I know this: every girl and woman has her own story. And they add up to a global tipping point. They can feel the love with which we make each component.

We recently had our first report of a DfG Kit lasting five years. FIVE! Because we know that every stitch matters. Every girl matters. And by supporting Days for Girls Enterprises, you empower women to support their families while serving as Ambassadors of Women’s Health.

We’re not just a movement. We’re a phenomenon wrapping this world in dignity and hope. And we didn’t even slow down when you hit a million. Here comes the second million… no, here comes “Every Girl. Everywhere. Period.” I can see that. Can’t you? Let’s start planning the celebration, because we’re on our way reaching one million girls!

Learn how you can get involved in this great project by visiting daysforgirls.org

Donate to our Cedar City chapter HERE

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